Kickstart your FLR: A guide for men trapped in a vanilla relationship

Oh, darlings, gather round. It’s time for a bit of heart-to-heart, a whisper of wisdom from yours truly, Cat Boulder.

Now, isn’t it just deliciously ironic that in a world where we goddesses reign supreme, it’s the men, yes the men, who are stepping up, craving to relinquish the reins to their queens. A whopping 80% of men initiate the FLR, so to create more female-led relationships, it would be great for more men to ignite the leader in the superior partners.

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The pedicure ritual

Ladies, gather around, for I’m about to unveil the delightful secrets of incorporating a pedicure ritual into your Female-Led Relationship (FLR) that will not only pamper you but also solidify your delicious dynamic. Imagine this: a man who not only worships the ground you walk on but also ensures your feet are perfectly cared for, all in the name of love and submission. Intrigued? Let’s dive in.

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20 gift ideas for the submissive man in your life

Ah, the art of gifting for the delightful submissive man in your life – it’s all about the subtle blend of respect, adoration, and that cheeky undercurrent of dominance, isn’t it? Here are twenty gift ideas that are sure to entice his submissive soul while reaffirming the delicious dynamics of your unique relationship.

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Chauffeur Etiquette for Submissive Husbands

Ah, the graceful art of chauffeuring, where anticipation meets service, and where every twist and turn is navigated with finesse. Now, my daring damsels, let’s steer this conversation into the realms of our delightful dominion, where submissive men can glean more than just a lesson or two from the poised and polished demeanour of a chauffeur.

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How to be a Good Husband (1950’s style)

The 1950s were a time of pearls and pies, but also of some rather cringeworthy notions about gender roles. Imagine a man coming home and expecting his lady to have dinner on the table, not because she loves to cook, but because it’s her “duty”. Or those cheeky ads where a woman’s greatest aspiration is to keep her floors shiny enough to see her reflection – heavens forbid she wants to run a company or, you know, have any ambitions beyond floor polish!

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13 signs of submissive body language for obedient husbands

Bonjour, audacious readers!

In this fascinating social dance of ours, body language is the unspoken language we all comprehend. Body language can be a potent tool to communicate subservience, respect, and reverence. A husband can use his body language to physically demonstrate to his wife the respect he has for her.

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Husband as Personal Assistant : From Sweetheart to Secretary

In the lush and delightful world of female supremacy, we believe in a simple motto: why do it yourself when you can have a charming, attentive man do it for you? So, ladies, if you’re intrigued by the idea of turning your doting spouse into your dutiful personal assistant, you’re in the right place. Buckle up, sit back, and let’s dive into the deliciously dominant world of female-led relationships (FLRs).

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12 things submissive men can learn from butlers

Oh, my stars, what a delightful topic! The refined art of being a butler as a lesson for submissive men? It’s like teaching a master class in grace, elegance, and yes, obedience.

So, darling, let’s dive into the lessons your man can glean from the dignified world of Jeeves and Alfred. After all, butlers are not just servants but lifestyle managers.
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Submissive language for obedient husbands

Submissive language puts husbands in the right state of mind. 

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