12 things submissive men can learn from butlers

Butler service

Oh, my stars, what a delightful topic! The refined art of being a butler as a lesson for submissive men? It’s like teaching a master class in grace, elegance, and yes, obedience.

So, darling, let’s dive into the lessons your man can glean from the dignified world of Jeeves and Alfred. After all, butlers are not just servants but lifestyle managers.

What men can learn from Butlers

  1. Anticipation: A top-notch butler knows what his employer needs before they do. Similarly, a submissive man can learn to anticipate your desires, whether it’s a cup of tea when you’re stressed or silencing the phone when you need your beauty rest. Example: Before you even come home, your man should have a hot bath drawn and your favourite drink ready. He doesn’t ask; he knows what kind of day you’ve had by the tone of your texts.
  2. Discretion: A butler knows when to speak and when to fade into the background. Similarly, your man should understand when to voice his opinion and when to let you shine. Example: In social settings, he should know when to step back and let you be the centre of attention. He holds his tongue, allowing you to lead conversations and only speaking when you cue him.
  3. Immaculate Presentation: Just like a butler is always impeccably dressed, so should your submissive man take care of his appearance to reflect well on you. Trust me, it matters. Example: He should dress in a manner that pleases you—always. Whether you like him in a suit or something a tad more casual, he should embody your aesthetic preferences at all times.
  4. Attention to Detail: Have you ever seen a butler adjust a crooked painting or meticulously fold a napkin? Your man should also be tuned in to the little things, like ensuring your wine glass is never empty or straightening your chair as you sit. Example: Your man ensures that your makeup essentials are always in stock. Heaven forbid you should run out of your favourite lipstick before a big event!
  5. Time Management: A butler runs a tight ship. Teach your man to manage both his time and yours efficiently. No one wants to be late for the opera because he couldn’t find the tickets. Example: He keeps track of your shared calendar, preemptively rescheduling any conflicts and reminding you of upcoming commitments so you never miss a beat.
  6. Unobtrusive Presence: The best butlers offer service without being a distraction. Likewise, a submissive man should understand when to be at your side and when to give you space. Example: While you’re working in your home office, he quietly slips in to refill your water glass, adjust the room’s lighting, and leaves as silently as he came.
  7. Mastery of Etiquette: Whether it’s which fork to use or how to address royalty, a butler knows. Your man should also learn how to conduct himself in various social situations. A faux pas reflects poorly on both of you. Example: He takes it upon himself to learn the names and titles of your business associates, as well as their preferences, ensuring that you can navigate social settings with grace.
  8. Resourcefulness: Butler stuck in a snowstorm with his employer? You bet he’ll come up with a survival strategy. Your man should also be able to think on his feet and solve problems without needing your guidance every step of the way. Example: Let’s say you’ve forgotten an important document at home while you’re en route to a meeting. Your man should already be in the car, document in hand, ready to meet you halfway.
  9. Loyalty: Butlers are known for their unswerving loyalty. A submissive man should display that same dedication, putting your needs and desires at the forefront of his actions. Example: His social media is a tribute to your life together. He posts what you approve, showcasing your achievements and important life events, always framing you as the centre of his universe.
  10. Protocol & Procedures: From answering the phone to receiving guests, butlers have a set way of doing things. Establishing protocols for your own household can instil a sense of structure that your man can follow. Example: He knows how you like your meals prepared, your clothes folded, and your home organised. There’s a place for everything, and everything is in its place. Always.
  11. Flexibility: Despite their love for order, any good butler can adapt to new situations or unexpected guests. Your submissive hubby should also be flexible, adjusting to your ever-changing needs and whims. Example: Unexpectedly working late? He quickly adapts dinner plans, holds off on household chores that might make noise, and reschedules his evening to be available for you when you arrive.
  12. Conflict Resolution: When tensions run high among staff or family, the butler often mediates. Similarly, your man should know how to defuse conflicts, whether between you and him or within the broader social circle. Example: If a disagreement arises between you and a friend or family member, he acts as a mediator, carefully relaying messages and smoothing over tensions without ever undermining your position.
Butler service

Ah, can you feel the tangible shift in the air when a man takes his submissive role this seriously? The beauty lies in the seamless blending of service and submission, making life oh-so-sweet for you, the queen of his world. Now, isn’t that simply divine?

Oh, the butler did it, indeed! Turn your man into a blend of Jeeves and Prince Charming, and you’ll have the best of both worlds: a partner who serves you willingly and enhances your life in the most refined ways.

Author: Cat Boulder

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  1. Again a wonderful piece of writing and advice. I really do enjoy reading your lines. By the by I discover that this FLR-thing does feel good …

  2. This is a great list. I want to serve and please her in every way I can. Sometimes I get so excited I think I go overboard.

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