Edging and Chastity

A delightful question from a reader: “What is edging and how can it be used within a Female-led dynamic? Is it the same as edge play?

Dear Inquisitive Mind, Navigating the waters of a Female-Led Relationship brings you to explore a myriad of practices, one of which you’ve stumbled upon is “edging.” This intriguing technique is not to be confused with “edge play,” which sails in entirely different waters, often involving riskier forms of BDSM activities.

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Permanent Chastity: Pros and Cons

Ah, the tantalising concept of permanent chastity within the realm of a Female-Led Relationship! It’s a bit like keeping a delicious secret under lock and key, isn’t it? Imagine holding the keys to his deepest desires, quite literally. Permanent chastity in this context is about more than just a physical device; it’s a symbol of trust, control, and the tantalizing dance of power.

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Pegging (Part Two)

In my previous article on pegging, we delved into the intoxicating world of anal play using butt plugs and strap-ons. We explored how pegging can reverse traditional sexual roles and enhance intimacy and trust. Read the first part here: https://femaleled.info/pegging-part-one/

In this tantalising sequel, we will look at pegging equipment and role-play scenarios.

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Pegging (Part One)

Oh, darling, we’re diving right into the saucy stuff, aren’t we? Listen, ladies, when it comes to butt plugs and pegging, it’s not just about bending the rules; it’s about bending him over. First things first, a golden rule to remember that communication is key. Trust me, the last thing you want is to make an executive decision without your partner’s consent.

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Taking on more than one submissive

Ah, my daring darlings, are you contemplating the deliciously intricate dance of taking on more than one submissive?  It’s a journey that requires finesse, confidence, and a touch of audacity. Let’s unwrap this tantalising topic together, shall we?

A reader writes:

“I’m thinking about taking on another submissive; I’m excited about having a stable of boys to serve me, but I want to protect my existing FLR; what would you recommend?”

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Exploring sadism in a FLR

A reader writes:

“I’m in a FLR with my husband; we’re at about a level 3. I’ve been a bit of a sadist in my past; how do I introduce my sadistic side to my husband gradually?”

Ah, darling, the intoxicating allure of embracing one’s inner femme fatale!

But before you unleash that ravishingly wicked side, let’s approach this with the finesse it deserves. Exploring sadism is like introducing a new shade of lipstick – start subtle and work your way up!

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Female Domination in the Workplace

Ah, Dear Dommes of the Desk,

Workplace dynamics are indeed a fascinating territory. On the one hand, we’re all about equality, professionalism, and diligence. Yet, there’s this cheeky undercurrent of dominance and submission. But let’s untangle this web, shall we? Continue reading “Female Domination in the Workplace”

Cuckolding and one-sided open relationships

The woman seeks partners outside the marriage with her husbands consent and support

The word Cuckold stems from the cuckoo bird, who famously lays her eggs in the nest of other breeds of bird, so that she side-steps the responsibility of looking after them. Continue reading “Cuckolding and one-sided open relationships”