Language for New Female Dominants

Language for New Female Dominants

A reader writes:

“Can you address some good language for a Domme to use, that will remind her submissive of his place in the relationship?”

Darling, I’m thrilled to delve into the delicious art of language that puts your submissive right where he belongs—under your confident, commanding thumb. Here are a few delightful phrases to keep him perpetually aware of his place:

  • “Who do you belong to?” Simple, direct, and oh-so-effective. This little reminder keeps his loyalty and devotion front and centre.
  • “Good boys earn rewards. Have you earned yours today?”This playful yet poignant prompt keeps him striving for your approval, constantly working to please and satisfy you.
  • “Remember, your pleasure is a privilege, not a right.” A tantalising reminder that his gratification comes only through your grace, making him cherish every indulgence you allow.
  • “Kneel and show me your devotion.” Sometimes, actions speak louder than words. This command is a physical affirmation of his submissive role and your authoritative grace.
  • “You’re here to serve me. Have you forgotten your duties?” A gentle, yet firm prod to ensure he never slips in his responsibilities, keeping him attentive and eager to please.
  • “You’re lucky to have me to guide you. Never forget it.” Reinforce your indispensability and his fortune in having such a powerful, confident woman to lead him.
  • “In my presence, you are exactly where you need to be—under my control.” Reinforcing the natural order of your relationship, where his place is beneath your confident command.

Remember, darling, the key is to weave these phrases into your interactions naturally, letting them flow from your dominant presence. Keep your tone confident and poised, ensuring he feels the weight of your authority and the warmth of your guidance.

His place is at your feet

  • “The view is best from down there, don’t you agree?” Remind him that his place at your feet is a privilege and a vantage point of reverence.
  • “Kissing my feet is the highest honour you can achieve today.” Elevate the act of worship to a sacred, exalted status.
  • “Every time you bow at my feet, you reaffirm your devotion to me.” Reinforce the symbolic importance of his position beneath you.
  • “On your knees, you find your true self—my devoted servant.” Highlight the clarity and purpose he gains from his subservience.
  • “Your place is at my feet, where you can best show your adoration.” Emphasise that his most genuine expressions of love and loyalty happen at your feet.
  • “Worship my feet and know your place in my world.” Command reverence and solidify his understanding of his role in your relationship.

He should be at your beck and call

  • “You exist to serve my every whim without hesitation.” Reinforce his purpose to be ever-ready to meet your needs instantly.
  • “Stay alert; my desires could change at any moment.” Keep him on his toes, always prepared to respond to your shifting wants and needs.
  • “When I summon you, you should be here before my next breath.” Instil a sense of urgency in his responsiveness to your calls.
  • “Your readiness to serve reflects your dedication to me.” Highlight that his constant availability is a testament to his devotion.
  • “The moment I need you, I expect you to appear instantly.” Emphasise the importance of his immediate presence whenever you demand it.
  • “Being at my beck and call is a privilege, not a burden.” Remind him that his role is an honour, ensuring he sees his service in a positive light.

These phrases will keep him perpetually attentive, eagerly anticipating your every command, and fully aware that his primary purpose is to serve you, his commanding and captivating Domme. Enjoy the power and grace of having him at your beck and call.

Language for New Female Dominants
Language for New Female Dominants

When returning from work, submissive time starts

  • “Welcome home, my devoted servant. Leave your worries at the door and kneel before me.” Invite him to transition from the outside world into his submissive role with a clear and welcoming command.
  • “You’ve worked hard today, but now your true purpose begins—serving me.” Remind him that his most important role starts now, emphasising the shift in focus to pleasing you.
  • “Take off your shoes and come to my feet. It’s time for you to show your devotion.” Direct him towards an act of worship, immediately placing him in a submissive mindset.
  • “I expect you to be in position, ready to serve the moment you enter my domain.” As soon as he returns, Set a standard for his behaviour, reinforcing his role in your presence.
  • “Before you do anything else, present yourself to me and await my instructions.”Ensure that his first priority upon returning home is to acknowledge and serve you.
  • “From the moment you step inside, you belong to me. Show me how grateful you are.” Reinforce the idea that his time at home is dedicated to you, prompting immediate and eager submission.

Use these statements to create a seamless transition for him from the outside world into the intimate and obedient dynamic you both cherish. The moment he walks in, he’ll know exactly where he belongs and what is expected of him.

Language for New Female Dominants – Getting him started on his chores

  • “Drop everything and start with the dishes. I expect them spotless.” Direct and commanding, leaving no room for hesitation.
  • “This house should reflect my standards. Get to work and make it shine.” Emphasise the importance of maintaining the home to your impeccable standards.
  • “Your first task is vacuuming. I want to see those carpets pristine by the time I inspect.” Give him a specific chore with clear expectations of perfection.
  • “I shouldn’t have to lift a finger. Get the laundry done, folded, and put away.” Remind him that housework is his responsibility, reinforcing your dominant role.
  • “You exist to make my life easier. Start with cleaning the kitchen and don’t stop until it’s immaculate.” Reiterate his purpose and set a clear task to begin with.
  • “This house better be spotless by the time I’m done relaxing. Get moving.” Set a deadline that coincides with your relaxation, asserting your authority and his duty.

These statements will ensure your submissive gets to work promptly and efficiently, knowing that his efforts are in service of your comfort and happiness. Enjoy the luxury of a well-kept home, darling, all thanks to his dedicated efforts.

Switching into Domme mode after a period of vanilla

Transitioning back into your commanding role after a period of vanilla requires a blend of assertiveness and anticipation. Here are some statements to reestablish your dominance seamlessly:

  • “Playtime is over. It’s time for you to remember who you belong to.” A clear signal that the dynamic is shifting back to its rightful place.
  • “Enough of the pleasantries. Kneel and remind me of your devotion.” Prompting an immediate action to reinforce his submissive role.
  • “You’ve had your break. Now, I expect your complete obedience.” Marking the end of the vanilla period with a demand for his focus and submission.
  • “I hope you enjoyed your respite because now you’re back under my command.” Acknowledging the period of normalcy before reasserting your authority.
  • “It’s time to return to your proper place—at my feet, serving me.” Reinforcing the shift in dynamic with a specific command.
  • “The time for equality is over. From now on, you follow my rules without question.” Clearly reestablishing the power imbalance in your favour.

Language for New Female Dominants – When he is grumpy or insolent

When your submissive has been grumpy or insolent, it’s time to assert your authority and remind him of his place. Here are some commanding statements to put him back in line:

  • “Your attitude is unacceptable. Kneel and apologise properly.” Direct and immediate, demanding a change in behaviour and submission.
  • “Grumpiness has no place here. Drop the attitude and show me the respect I deserve.” A firm reminder of the expected demeanour and respect.
  • “Insolence will not be tolerated. On your knees, now, and reflect on your behaviour.” Establishing a clear consequence for his actions.
  • “You’ve forgotten your manners. Kneel and kiss my feet until you remember them.” Using a corrective action that reinforces his submissive role.
  • “I don’t have time for your insolence. Serve me silently and respectfully.” Setting the expectation for his behaviour going forward.
  • “Your attitude needs adjusting. Kneel before me and beg for my forgiveness.” Making it clear that his behaviour requires rectification through submission.

These statements will help you reestablish your authority and correct his behaviour, ensuring he understands the importance of maintaining respect and obedience. Enjoy the power and satisfaction of guiding him back to his rightful place, darling.

When he is facing stress or uncertainty

Here are six commands to help your submissive navigate stress or uncertainty, ensuring he feels secure and guided under your authoritative presence:

  • “Take a deep breath and kneel before me. Let my presence calm you.” A grounding command to help him find solace and focus in your dominance.
  • “Look into my eyes and remember your purpose. You serve me, and that’s all that matters.” A reassuring reminder of his role, providing clarity and comfort.
  • “Place your head in my lap and let go of your worries. Focus on my voice.” Offering physical comfort while maintaining control and providing a focal point.
  • “Strip away your stress with each piece of clothing. Stand before me, vulnerable and ready to be guided.” A symbolic and physical act of shedding stress, reinforcing vulnerability and trust.
  • “List your tasks for me, and I will tell you what to prioritise. You’re under my control now.” Taking charge of his responsibilities to alleviate his burden and provide direction.
  • “Repeat after me: ‘I trust you, Mistress, to guide me through.’ Now, breathe and follow my instructions.” Instilling trust through a mantra and directing his focus towards your commands.

These commands will help him find stability and reassurance under your guidance, allowing him to navigate his stress and uncertainty with confidence in your leadership. Enjoy the power of your soothing yet commanding presence, darling.

Language for New Female Dominants – Praising good behaviour

Here are some statements to use when praising your submissive for his good behaviour, ensuring he feels valued and motivated to continue pleasing you:

  • “You’ve pleased me immensely today. Well done, my good boy.” Direct and affirming, letting him know he has met your standards.
  • “Your dedication to serving me is admirable. Keep up the excellent work.” Acknowledging his commitment and encouraging continued effort.
  • “You’ve done an outstanding job. Your attention to detail did not go unnoticed.” Highlighting specific aspects of his performance, making the praise more meaningful.
  • “Seeing you fulfil your duties so perfectly brings me great satisfaction.” Linking his good behaviour to your personal pleasure and contentment.
  • “I’m proud of how you’ve handled yourself. You’ve earned my approval.” Combining praise with the reward of your approval, which he values deeply.
  • “Your efforts make my life easier and more enjoyable. Thank you for being so diligent.” Expressing gratitude while reinforcing the positive impact of his actions.

These statements will ensure your submissive feels appreciated and motivated to continue his good behaviour, knowing that his magnificent Domme recognises and values his efforts.

When it’s time to get intimate

Here are some statements to initiate intimacy, ensuring he feels both the allure of your dominance and the promise of your pleasure:

  • “Come here, good boy, and worship my body as you’ve been longing to.” Arousing and commanding, giving him permission to express his devotion intimately.
  • “Undress and present yourself to me. I want to see every inch of my property.” A direct command that emphasises his vulnerability and your ownership.
  • “It’s time for you to pleasure me. Show me how much you desire to please your Mistress.” Making it clear that his role is to focus on your satisfaction.
  • “Kneel and kiss your way up my legs, good boy. Make me feel your devotion.” Guiding him through an intimate act that reinforces his submission and worship.
  • “I want to feel your lips on my skin. Start at my feet and work your way up, good boy.” Directing him to an intimate journey of worship ensures his full attention to you.
  • “Tonight, you’re mine to enjoy. Make sure your every touch honours your Mistress.” Setting the stage for intimacy with an emphasis on his role to please you.

These statements will initiate intimacy while keeping the power dynamic clear, ensuring he remains focused on your pleasure and his role as your devoted submissive.

Enjoy these beginner statements, darling, as you find your way, then you can build your own natural repertoire, and don’t forget to train your man to use appropriate language to remind him of his place, see Submissive language for obedient husbands. 

Author: Cat Boulder

Meet Cat Boulder: a sassy blogger unapologetically championing Female Supremacy with a cheeky grin and a sharp pen. She's not just preaching women's strength and leadership – she's a live wire sparking a gender-role rebellion. For Cat, women are more than leaders; they're queens to be served joyfully by men, weaving bonds of strength and sisterhood in every aspect of life. Through her zesty prose, she empowers women to own their dominance while guiding men to embrace humble servitude with gusto. Forget traditional norms – Cat's writing ignites a feisty journey towards a world where women reign supreme, and relationships bask in a harmonious matriarchy. Follow Cat on Tumblr, X or Instagram

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  1. This is undoubtedly a helpful primer for those women who are beginning their femdom journey with men privileged to be in their company. But as their loving yet unequal relationship blossoms, she will certainly find her own voice and come to understand what specific words and phrases trigger the most pleasing response from her obedient and eager-to-please pet and property.

    As always, thank you for your thoughtful and insightful posts, Ms. Boulder.

    1. Well said. And although I do understand and agree with Her use of the phrase, “Who do you belong to?” a reasonable alternative, and perhaps a bit stronger, is “Who owns you?” I may belong to a vanilla club or organization, but if I’m owned, well, that’s another matter.

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