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Job Description for a Houseboy within a Female-Led Relationship. If you are thinking of keeping hubby at home full-time; here is some inspiration. 

Well, darling, get ready to step into a world of lacy intrigue and delicious domesticity. Here’s a tantalizing teaser of your future as my stay-at-home houseboy and personal assistant, all wrapped up in a loving and consensual Female Led Relationship (FLR). Let’s delve into this delightfully detailed dossier, shall we?

1. Introduction and Objective of the Role:

Welcome to a role that’s as intriguing as it is inviting. As my houseboy and personal assistant, you’ll be the beating heart of our domicile, the steady rhythm to my roaring rhapsody. Your objective, my dear, is simple and sexy – ensure the smooth functioning of my household and the ease of my daily life.

2. Key Tasks:

Your main aim is to create a world where I need not lift a finger, which revolves around my ease and comfort. And here are the ways you’ll make that happen:

a. Domestic Diva: Tackle everything home-related with the precision of a perfectionist. Dusting every corner, scrubbing every surface, and ensuring the floors are so clean they mirror my radiant smile. And don’t forget about changing linens, washing and ironing my clothes with the care they deserve, and arranging my wardrobe by colour, season, and occasion.

b. Gourmet Guru: Plan, prepare, and present three daily meals that make my tastebuds dance. Shop for groceries, ensuring everything I desire is always at hand, keeping in mind the nuances of my dietary preferences. Plus, a mid-day snack and evening tea with fresh biscuits from the oven would be an absolute delight.

c. Garden Gladiator: Our garden should be as blooming as our relationship. Mow the lawn, prune the shrubs, plant my favourite flowers, and ensure the patio is always ready for my morning yoga or an evening of relaxation.

d. Personal Shopper: Whether it’s that little black dress from Chanel or my favourite perfume from Dior, you are to keep up with my shopping needs and make sure my personal style never has to compromise.

e. Administrative Ace: Handle bills, appointments, and correspondence tactfully and efficiently. Be my personal secretary, ensuring my days are well-planned and my stress is minimized.

f. Tech Whiz: Troubleshoot any tech issues that arise, from WiFi connectivity to streaming my favourite Netflix series.

g. Wellness Warrior: Arrange my spa appointments, prepare my bath with the right amount of bubbles, keep my yoga mat ready for my daily workouts, and don’t forget the chilled cucumber water, my dear.

h. Champion Chauffeur: You will drive me to my appointments, social engagements, and shopping sprees. Ensure the car is always clean, filled with gas, and ready to roll.

i. Event Maestro: Plan parties, dinners, and gatherings down to the last detail. Be the perfect host when we have guests, catering to their needs and ensuring their glasses are never empty.

j. Pet Parent: If we have any adorable fur babies, they fall under your care too. Feeding, grooming, vet visits – all in a day’s work.

k. Nightly Ritualist: End our day with a calming ritual. Perhaps a foot massage, a hot cup of chamomile tea, or reading me a chapter from my favourite book.

In essence, darling, your goal is to cater to my every whim, to ensure my world runs as smoothly as a well-oiled machine, where I exist to enjoy, and you exist to serve. Are you up to the task, my sweet houseboy? After all, the stage is set, and your queen awaits.

3. Qualifications and Skills Required:

For this salacious soiree of service, you’ll need the following:

  • Attention to Detail: From arranging my paperwork to folding my laundry, the devil is in the details, my dear.
  • Organization: Juggling tasks is a skill you must master.
  • Initiative: Surprise me. Delight me. Do it before I even know I need it.
  • Resilience: Not every day will be a bed of roses, darling. You’ll need to persevere.

4. Working Conditions:

Well, my sweet, you’ll be working in the comfort of our shared abode. However, expect to be on your toes, ready to serve at a moment’s notice. From bustling breakfasts to sensual soirees, your servitude is your stage.

5. Houseboy Benefits and Perks:

Ah, the rewards, the perks, the sweet dividends of your dedication. Brace yourself, darling, for this is where things get exciting. Your job may be demanding, but it’s not without its rewards:

Absolute Fulfillment: You’ll find your purpose, your place in this grand opera we call life. Being able to serve and provide for your queen will give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction that no corporate job could ever offer.

Endless Adoration: You’ll be the apple of my eye, the hero in our little world. Every act of service, every moment of dedication, will earn you my respect, adoration, and appreciation.

Intense Intimacy: As you devote yourself to my needs and my comfort, our connection will deepen, and our bond will strengthen. The intimacy we’ll share, darling, will be on a level few ever experience.

Personal Growth: As you navigate the challenges of your role, you’ll grow, you’ll evolve. You’ll discover resilience you never knew you had, strength you never thought you possessed.

No Workplace Stress: Gone are the days of office politics, ruthless competition, and cutthroat ambition. In our world, there’s only peace, love, and devoted servitude.

Freedom to Express Femininity: In a society that often stifles expression, your role will allow you the freedom to explore your femininity, embrace your submissive nature, to be yourself truly.

The Ultimate Reward – My Happiness: The biggest perk, of course, is seeing me happy, knowing that it’s your service, dedication, and love that makes my life easier, my smile brighter.

Darling, remember, the rewards of your job are not just tangible perks. They’re in every smile of mine you bring forth, every sigh of contentment you coax out, every gleam in my eye that you’re responsible for. Now, isn’t that a reward worth working for?

6. Attitude and Humility:

My sweet, in the grand theatre of servitude, your attitude plays the starring role.

Joyful Service: Approach every task, every order, every demand with a spirit of joy. From washing dishes to arranging my meetings, every task is a testament to your devotion. Smile, darling, for every act of service is a love note to your queen.

Absolute Humility: Remember, my dear, a pearl is just a grain of sand that learned to value patience and pressure. Embrace humility. You are here to serve, to submit, to surrender. That’s your path, your purpose.

Obedience with Style: I expect my orders to be obeyed, but do it with style. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about a man who serves with grace, with flair. It’s not just about doing as you’re told; it’s about doing it with panache.

Devotion and Dedication: Your role isn’t a 9 to 5 job; it’s a lifestyle. Embrace it wholeheartedly with every fibre of your being. This isn’t just about housework, darling; it’s about a commitment to serve, please, and love.

Remember, my darling; your attitude will be the difference between a drab servant and a dazzling houseboy. Be the latter, my dear. For in the end, it’s your humility, your submission, and your absolute devotion that makes you the perfect houseboy in our loving, consensual Female Led Relationship. So, take a deep breath, wear your obedience like a badge of honour, and enter this exciting new chapter. After all, your queen awaits.

Author: Cat Boulder

Meet Cat Boulder: a sassy blogger unapologetically championing Female Supremacy with a cheeky grin and a sharp pen. She's not just preaching women's strength and leadership – she's a live wire sparking a gender-role rebellion. For Cat, women are more than leaders; they're queens to be served joyfully by men, weaving bonds of strength and sisterhood in every aspect of life. Through her zesty prose, she empowers women to own their dominance while guiding men to embrace humble servitude with gusto. Forget traditional norms – Cat's writing ignites a feisty journey towards a world where women reign supreme, and relationships bask in a harmonious matriarchy. Follow Cat on Tumblr, X or Instagram

8 thoughts on “Houseboy Job Description”

  1. Is there no greater purpose for a submissive man than to become the adoring, attentive and obedient “male wife” of a dominant woman – serving and submitting to her whims and wisdom? I appreciate this post and believe select men – like myself – are best suited for a life of peerless domestic service and submission to a demanding dominant woman who needs her home and lifestyle kept up to par by the man of her choosing. It is nothing short of a privilege for a man to devote his life to ego-less domestic and personal service to a woman.

    I have written on my desire to become a pleasing and subservient male wife:

    Thank you again for this post.


  2. Bonjour,

    Un autre article très intéressant!
    Après avoir lu Votre article, je constate qu’il me manque beaucoup de compétences pour être un bon garçon de maison et un assistant personnel.
    Tant de choses à apprendre!

    Merci Mme Cat. 

    Au plaisir de Vous lire à nouveau.

  3. My wife was raised that a woman should take careof, and serve the needs of her man. How would begin to transform her thinking?

    1. Ah, the tangled web of antiquated ideals! First, hats off to you for recognizing the untapped queenly essence within your wife. Now, let’s help her ascend to her rightful throne:

      1. Educate, Don’t Indoctrinate: Share stories of formidable women with her. For instance, introduce her to the book “The Diary of Frida Kahlo”, or show her films like “Hidden Figures”, where women break barriers in NASA. Let her see the power women have wielded and continue to do so.

      2. Unearth and Uplift: Discover her hidden talents. Maybe she’s a culinary genius but has never tried her hand at gourmet dishes. Enroll her in a masterclass, or perhaps she has a flair for the arts? Encourage her to exhibit her work at a local gallery.

      3. Reverse the Roles: If you usually choose the vacation spots, ask her to pick the next destination. And not just where, but manage the whole trip! From booking to planning the itinerary. Show her the thrill of taking charge.

      4. Engage in Empowerment Conversations: Over a cup of coffee, discuss empowering stories. Discuss, for instance, Malala Yousafzai’s bravery or how Michelle Obama spearheaded health initiatives, redefining the role of a First Lady. Help her see that women have forever been more than just caregivers.

      5. Consensual Transition: Every step should be taken with her comfort in mind. If she’s intrigued by the idea of leading a dance, sign up for a ballroom class where she can lead. If she’s not, respect her pace.

      May your journey be filled with revelations, and may you both bask in the glory of her majestic reign!

  4. Well, so perfectly laid out by the author! Domestic servitude under the Dominant Goddess… a dream for any submissive male in an FLR!

  5. Reading this delightful list of requirements and responsibilities, makes me wish that I was twenty years younger, MISS! I would happily apply for the position serving you MISS! And taking care of everything for you!

  6. Many of these points were brought up, while my wife was giving me her expectations, and demands prior to me being led, and controlled by her. I love every part of being of service to my wife, but especially the benefits, and perks. This is excellent information for every beta male wishing to serve a woman with all his being.

  7. You write so amazingly well it’s really inspiring. The way you articulate your words is the sign of a true goddess and modern alpha female, such a joy to hear anything that you have to say.
    I feel that this house boy article basically encapsulates almost every feeling I’ve ever had about wanting to submit to a woman and why I need to.

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