Five Steps to Sparking Obedience with a Shock Collar

Ah, the shock collar—a device that has intrigued and thrilled many a Dominant. For those new to the concept, a shock collar is typically a band worn around the neck, though it can be adapted to other parts of the body, like the wrists, chastity device or ankles. Its purpose? To deliver a controlled electric pulse, serving as a prompt for behaviour correction and obedience training. Continue reading “Five Steps to Sparking Obedience with a Shock Collar”

Taming the male ego

Oh, darling, the art of taming the male ego while he serves his wife in a Female-Led Relationship is akin to a delicate dance – one that requires grace, confidence, and a touch of sass. It’s all about balance; you want to ensure his submission is both respected and cherished while your authority remains the dominant force in the relationship.

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