What is a Female Led Relationship?

What is a Female Led Relationship?

Women in control

A female led relationship (FLR) is a long term relationship dynamic whereby both partners agree that the woman is in charge.

There is no right way or wrong way to set up a Female Led Relationship, only that the woman takes the lead role, she is the dominant partner and the man is submissive to her authority.

The concept of female dominance is inextricably linked to cultural references of whip wielding dominatrixes in charge of cowering men. Whilst a FLR may or may not include elements of kinks and BDSM, a FLR is essentially a man consensually agreeing to be obedient to his partner.

In reality, a real life FLR is usually a private matter between two loving adults. To the outside world, they might look like an everyday loving couple, with the man being attentive and a gentleman.

Behind closed doors, they have an incredibly close bond and understanding based on love and her Dominance. This doesn’t mean the woman is barking orders and the man is hen pecked, but simply that the couple have agreed together that the woman is in charge. The man has chosen to dedicate his life to his wife’s happiness, knowing that by serving her and being obedient to what she wants and makes her happy, they will both be happy. The woman decides with the interests of both partners at heart.

When a woman has a partner obedient to her wants, working hard to making her happy, and relieving her of some of the stresses and strains of everyday life by being a supportive and attentive partner, she will naturally want to look after and protect her man.

A man serving a woman in this way benefits from a sense of purpose and satisfaction, with clear direction on what makes his partner happy. In return, the woman benefits from an attentive partner that supports her every step of the way. In public the man might be a leader, but in his loving relationship he has chosen to follow her lead. The man is not passive or a doormat, but rather like a strong knight serving his Queen. Slaying dragons and saving the realm by day, but ultimately answerable to his Queen’s rule.

This Dominant / submissive (D/s) dynamic has no hard and fast rules, it is designed around the woman’s wants with consent from her partner. Many women already make most of the decisions in relationships and in their working lives, this form of dynamic simply means both partners have openly agreed to her leadership.

By reading this site, and learning how other women have structured their FLRs, we hope that you will explore your own Female Led dynamic.

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