13 signs of submissive body language for obedient husbands

submissive body language

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In this fascinating social dance of ours, body language is the unspoken language we all comprehend. Body language can be a potent tool to communicate subservience, respect, and reverence. A husband can use his body language to physically demonstrate to his wife the respect he has for her.

Here are some examples of subservient and submissive body language he can practice:

  1. Open Posture: An open posture – with uncrossed arms and legs – signals attentiveness and a willingness to listen and understand. It conveys a sense of humility and an openness to receive guidance and vulnerability.
  2. Head Nods: A man nodding when his wife speaks can be a powerful indicator of agreement and affirmation. These signify that he acknowledges and respects her views.
  3. Eye Contact: Consistent, respectful eye contact signifies attention and respect. It communicates that he values what she says and does, placing her opinions and desires at the forefront.
  4. Avoiding Direct Eye Contact: Keeping eye contact lowered, especially when being spoken to, can signify deference. However, it’s important to find a balance so it doesn’t come off as evasiveness or shifty.
  5. Respectful Distancing: Even as a couple, respecting personal space is crucial. It sends a clear message of respect for her autonomy and personal boundaries.
  6. Standing Behind or to the Side: Rather than standing directly beside her or in front of her, a man might stand slightly behind or to her side, allowing her to lead or take precedence. This is the technique of Butlers: 12 things submissive men can learn from Butlers. 
  7. Walking a Step Behind: When walking together, taking a position a step behind her can be a symbolic gesture of her leading the way.
  8. Palms-Up Gestures: Hand gestures with palms up suggest openness and submission, indicating a willingness to follow her lead and serve.
  9. Mirroring: Subtly mirroring her body language can signal a sense of understanding and empathy. It shows that he is attuned to her feelings and needs.
  10. Kneeling: This is a strong gesture of submission, often used in more formal FLR rituals or moments of deep reverence.
  11. Physical Lowering: Whether it’s lowering the body when she’s seated or ensuring he’s on a lower plane (like sitting on the floor while she’s on a couch), this can be a non-verbal sign of her elevated status.
  12. Kissing Her Hand or Feet: Depending on the comfort level and the dynamics of the relationship, this gesture can be a sign of deep respect and worship.
  13. Waiting for Permission: Before sitting, eating, or performing certain actions, pausing and waiting for a nod or verbal cue from her can showcase respect for her authority.
submissive body language
submissive body language

It’s crucial to understand that these actions should be consensual and comfortable for both parties involved. They should enhance the relationship dynamics and not be forced or feel unnatural. It’s also beneficial for couples to discuss the meanings and implications of these gestures, ensuring they align with their shared vision of the relationship.

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Until next time, stay audacious, stay empowered, and remember – when men express their subservience through body language, they’re not just conveying respect; they’re championing a world where women lead, and men proudly support.

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  1. It is always nice to see that these efforts that I have already been doing came naturally to me and this email affirms it.

  2. I have long believed in the necessity of demonstrative deferential behavior and interaction between a submissive male and his dominant superior. Simple things like walking slightly behind and to the side of a dominant woman (though always able to open doors and permit her to pass first.) Submissive male behavior has to be more than quietly acknowledged or restricted to the bedroom. It must be part of the living, breathing, public aspect of every F/m couple. Thank you. – john

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