Female Domination is not an outfit

Ah, darlings, gather around. Today, we will have an enlightening tête-à-tête about a subject that has been, unfortunately, oversimplified, commercialised, and wholly misunderstood: Female Domination. No, I’m not talking about thigh-high latex boots or leather corsets—though they can be oh-so-delicious accessories. Female Domination isn’t an outfit; it’s a transformative relationship dynamic. Continue reading “Female Domination is not an outfit”

Money Management in a FLR: Why Women Should Hold the Purse Strings

Well, darlings, it’s high time we address the question lingering in the air for far too long: Who should really be in control of money? And by the end of this exposé, we shall arrive at the inevitable answer – women, of course! Money Management in a FLR is one of the critical elements of a woman’s control – Let’s dive into the fabulous reasons why, shall we? Continue reading “Money Management in a FLR: Why Women Should Hold the Purse Strings”

Dominating your husband’s spare time

In a previous article, we discussed how a woman in a female-led relationship could dominate her husband’s social life; in this article, we will look at his spare time and how to dominate it for the benefit of the couple.

Dominating your husband’s spare time is a great way to set the relationship on the right track and strengthen the bond.

Well, darlings, for those radiant women who stand tall and unapologetic in their supremacy, here’s how you artfully control every precious second of your man’s time within a Female-Led Relationship. Buckle up! Continue reading “Dominating your husband’s spare time”

Female Domination in the Workplace

Ah, Dear Dommes of the Desk,

Workplace dynamics are indeed a fascinating territory. On the one hand, we’re all about equality, professionalism, and diligence. Yet, there’s this cheeky undercurrent of dominance and submission. But let’s untangle this web, shall we? Continue reading “Female Domination in the Workplace”