Submissive language for obedient husbands

submissive language for obedient husbands

Submissive language puts husbands in the right state of mind. 

In the dance of power dynamics, the rhythm is set by words. Ladies, as we navigate the intriguing maze of a Female-Led Relationship, our chosen language can be our most potent tool.

Tell your man to memorise the statements below and use them regularly; submissive language and a respectful tone will help him feel more servile and lead to a more obedient husband.

Command Titles of Respect:

Encourage your partner to address you with titles that resonate with authority. “Mistress,” “Goddess,” “Queen,” “Ma’am,” or any term that you feel aligns with your persona.

Cultivate Self-Referential Modesty:

Suggest he use modest terms when referring to himself, like “your servant,” “your subject,” or simply “I.” This subtly underscores his role in the relationship.

Encourage Permission-Based Phrasing:

Promote the use of phrases such as:

  • “May I…”
  • “If it pleases you…”
  • “With your permission…”
  • “As you wish…”

Establish Command Acknowledgments:

When you provide instructions, guide him to respond with:

  • “Yes, Ma’am.”
  • “Of course, Goddess.”
  • “Right away, Mistress.”
  • “As you command.”

Model Opinion Sharing:

An obedient husband will share his viewpoints while emphasising your leadership:

  • “I believe, if you permit me to say…”
  • “With all due respect, Ma’am…”
  • “If I might suggest…”
submissive language for obedient husbands
submissive language for obedient husbands

Foster Gratitude Expressions:

Cultivate a culture of gratitude. Encourage phrases such as:

  • “Thank you for guiding me.”
  • “I’m grateful for your wisdom, Mistress.”
  • “Your kindness is much appreciated, Queen.”

Outline Apology and Correction Protocols:

Mistakes happen. Guide him on rectifying with phrases like:

  • “I apologise for my oversight, Ma’am.”
  • “I’ll correct it immediately, Goddess.”
  • “Please guide me to serve you better.”

Anticipating Your Needs:

Obedient husbands should anticipate.

  • “Mistress, would you like your favourite drink while you relax?”
  • “Queen, I’ve prepared your preferred attire for the evening. Would that be to your liking?”

Offering Assistance:

  • “Ma’am, may I assist you with that?”
  • “Goddess, would it please you if I took care of that task?”

Regular Check-Ins:

  • “Is there anything else you require, Mistress?”
  • “How else may I serve you today, Queen?”

Being Observant:

  • “I noticed you’ve had a long day, Ma’am. Would a warm bath be to your liking?”
  • “Goddess, I’ve seen you enjoy that author. Would you appreciate if I ordered their latest book for you?”

Preemptive Offers:

  • “Mistress, I’ve set aside some time this evening to pamper you. Please let me know what you’d like.”
  • “Queen, I’ve warmed up your bed and laid out your nightwear.”

Soliciting Feedback Proactively

  • “Did I meet your expectations with that task, Ma’am?”
  • “Is there a way you’d prefer I handle this in the future, Goddess?”

Reaffirming Willingness to Serve:

  • “It’s my utmost desire to please you, Mistress. Please guide me.”
  • “Your happiness is my priority, Queen. Direct me, and I shall obey.”

Seeking Daily/Weekly Directives:

  • “Ma’am, as I plan the week, are there any specific tasks or desires you’d like prioritised?”
  • “Goddess, how might I make your day more comfortable tomorrow?”

Permission for Physical Worship:

  • “Mistress, may I have the honour of kissing your feet?”
  • “Goddess, would you grant me the privilege of massaging your shoulders?”

Seeking Approval for Acts of Pampering:

  • “Ma’am, may I draw a bath to help you unwind?”
  • “Mistress, would it please you if I prepared your favourite meal tonight?”
  • “Goddess, can I arrange a spa day for you to indulge in?”

Permission for Verbal Worship:

  • “Queen, may I take a moment to express how deeply I adore and cherish you?”
  • “Mistress, would you permit me to share my admiration for your wisdom and strength?”

Checking Comfort Levels:

  • “Goddess, if it pleases you, I’d like to offer [specific act of worship/pampering]. Would that be acceptable?”
  • “Ma’am, I’ve been thinking of new ways to pamper you. May I discuss them with you?”

Seeking Opportunities to Elevate Her:

  • “Mistress, would you enjoy if I organised a day entirely dedicated to your relaxation and pleasure?”
  • “Goddess, may I curate a list of activities that might bring you joy and present them to you?”

Incorporating submissive language helps emphasise your partner’s dedication and eagerness to serve and please. Words are powerful, but it’s the understanding behind them that genuinely crafts the bond. Periodic conversations and open dialogue ensure the chosen language brings joy and fulfilment rather than unease. So, wield this tool with love, care, and a touch of audacity. Happy leading!

Author: Cat Boulder

Meet Cat Boulder: a sassy blogger unapologetically championing Female Supremacy with a cheeky grin and a sharp pen. She's not just preaching women's strength and leadership – she's a live wire sparking a gender-role rebellion. For Cat, women are more than leaders; they're queens to be served joyfully by men, weaving bonds of strength and sisterhood in every aspect of life. Through her zesty prose, she empowers women to own their dominance while guiding men to embrace humble servitude with gusto. Forget traditional norms – Cat's writing ignites a feisty journey towards a world where women reign supreme, and relationships bask in a harmonious matriarchy. Follow Cat on Tumblr, X or Instagram

9 thoughts on “Submissive language for obedient husbands”

  1. A very powerful article, Cat! Language is so important as a constant reminder of the submissive male’s place beneath his Superior Goddess, and to show his desire (and need) to worship Her and cater to Her whims.

    1. I love living in a our new female lead relationship !
      My wife has become the role model and authoritarian in the household.

      She’s a working, professional engineer and I now have clear cut domestic duties. I enjoy my submission and my obedience rituals to the Mistress of the house.

      FLR’s are beautiful, and YES Cat, a woman’s place is in total control ! 💏

      Thank you Ms !

  2. I truly appreciate your wisdom in this approach to a happy fulfilling life. Learning ways to embrace submission even as a woman moves into accepting and relishing her role more fully. I find peace and happiness in obedience and servitude. But want to do it in a living and humble way.

  3. Can you address some good language for a Domme to use, that will remind her submissive of his place in the relationship?

  4. I’ll note that all of these suggested phrases work great with or without the honorifics, for those Mistresses who aren’t (yet) comfortable with being referred to in such a manner.

    The subbie demeanor broadcast by the tone of these expressions is fantastic, even essential. They suggest deference, obedience, respect, openness to being guided by her and a host of similar desirable traits. The tone nicely conveys the mindset subbie males should be striving for. (If not all males when dealing with their spouses.)

    I’d like to add one of my favorites: “What can I do next?” or “What should I be doing now?” I use those whenever I’ve completed a task and I’m eager to know her next desires and instructions. Each time I say it, I love the feeling of reaffirming that my time is hers to use as she wishes.

    It’s something it takes growing up and waiting until you’re in your mid-40s to learn the true power of a woman. Throughout my younger adult years I was just being and doing what any young man does. I was completely immature with ego. I’ve only had 2 other women in my life that I had relations with. With them I never had them two have the powerful effect that my current and submitted and surrendered to Forever Love Woman. Her power over me is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually powerful. Our courtship has been filled with up almost breaking up to emotional tears flowing to a spiritual bond that’s now unbreakable. I’ve never submitted to nor surrendered to a woman in my life. Her power made that possible. The night I did was a life changing moment that I will never forget nor regret. Surrender and submission had truly been a life-changing decision that I’ll forever love. I wish I can describe the physical part that is linked to the emotional part. Guys, don’t be afraid of surrender and submission. Just my thoughts to share.

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