Edging and Chastity

A delightful question from a reader: “What is edging and how can it be used within a Female-led dynamic? Is it the same as edge play?

Dear Inquisitive Mind, Navigating the waters of a Female-Led Relationship brings you to explore a myriad of practices, one of which you’ve stumbled upon is “edging.” This intriguing technique is not to be confused with “edge play,” which sails in entirely different waters, often involving riskier forms of BDSM activities.

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Chastity begins when he wants out

Ah, the tantalising dance of chastity in the realm of a Female-Led Relationship. It’s a delightful paradox, isn’t it? The moment he yearns for release is precisely when the true essence of chastity blooms. Chastity begins when he wants out. It’s all about control, surrender, and the delicious power dynamics that play out.

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Teasing a man in chastity, 58 ways to drive him crazy

Over a week into Locktober, so now is the perfect time to turn up the teasing! Teasing a man in chastity amps up his sexual frustration and makes him even more eager to please and obey.

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The three-month FLR chastity training program

This article will show you how to use chastity and teasing to mould the perfect obedient husband.

The art of tease and denial

Ah, tease and denial, those two beautifully interlaced threads in the tapestry of a Female-Led Relationship (FLR). They wind and twist, carving paths of anticipation, pleasure, obedience, and control. But why, pray tell, are they such critical elements of a chastity-based FLR? Let’s pull on these threads and unravel the mystery, shall we?

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Keeping your husband obedient after release from chastity

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The longer he is in chastity, the more serving, attentive, understanding, loving and committed he is

Thank you to Mistress and Tyler for sharing intimate details about their Female Led Relationship dynamic.

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