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This site provides a gentle introduction to Female Led Relationships

Female Led Relationships

A female led relationship is a long term relationship dynamic whereby both partners agree that the woman is in charge. There is no right way or wrong way to set up a Female Led Relationship, only that the woman takes the lead role, she is the dominant partner and the man is submissive to her authority.

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Many women feel unfulfilled in patriarchal, male led, relationships

Many women feel unfulfilled in patriarchal, male led, relationships. We hope that this site will allow women to realize a rewarding alternative is within their reach – whereby they can get everything they want from a relationship, to make their own choices, without being controlled by men.

We hope that by reading this site, women will begin to realize just how much power they possess. That it’s ok for women to take the lead in a relationship, just like women do in all other aspects of life. Moreover, that many men are all too keen for women to take charge and would gain huge fulfillment from a female led life.

Social conditioning and traditional family life promotes patriarchy, men are expected to take the lead in the relationship and women follow, this site promotes a refreshing, modern alternative.

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Our Guiding Principles

  • Adults only – There is no pornography on this site, but the site is for adults covering adult topics including sexualIty – The site is not appropriate for visitors under 18
  • Our goal – The goal of the site is to inspire women to explore a FLR based on learning the experiences of others. To provide a gentle introduction to female led relationships and empower women to lead
  • No preaching – our goal is not to tell you how to develop a FLR or to preach what to do or not to do, but simply to explore the idea. There is no right way or wrong way to develop a FLR, all that matters is that both partners agree that the woman is leader
  • Sex – FLRs are about relationships and female leadership not sex – but sexuality is naturally intertwined in any relationship and the site will cover many sexual topics.  Where appropriate, we’ll guide readers with a ratings system to let them know they might be exploring less than gentle topics
  • Privacy – We treat privacy and confidentiality very seriously, any interaction with our site adhere to European Union GDPR data protection regulations
  • A safe place – Based on feedback from dominant women, our goal is to ensure women are not overwhelmed by interest from submissive men
  • Community  – We hope that many people from all around the world with many different types of female led relationships will contribute towards the site – whilst respecting our guidelines outlined above.

Please contact us at any time to discuss ideas, provide feedback or to share your experiences.

Who runs Femaleled.info?

The FemaleLed.info website was created in 2020. Our aim is to be the world’s number one resource for FLR couples. Miss Michelle (GoddessGoverns on Fetlife) is Owner and Editor, martin (sub___quest on Fetlife) is administrator. Connect with us on Tumblr or contact us using our contact page