Dominating your husband’s social life

Dominating your husband’s social life

Ladies, it’s 2023, and if you’re not already running the show in your relationship, you’re missing out! Gone are the days when the most significant decision we made was whether to wear heels or flats.

Today, women are conquering the corporate world, leading nations, and deciding whether John’s beer night with the guys is on or off. Welcome to the world of female-led relationships – where the lady is not just in the driver’s seat; she’s also the car’s GPS, mechanic, and sometimes even the road!

But why, oh why, should a modern, empowered woman like yourself care about controlling his social life? Let’s break it down.

Benefits of controlling his social life

  1. You Know Best (Obviously): By now, you’ve realized that your intuition and judgment are usually spot on. Why not expand your realm and ensure his social interactions are as beneficial as yours?
  2. Streamlined Social Engagements: Juggling invites to couple’s dinners, family events, and friends’ get-togethers can be a chore. But when curating the social calendar, every event is a ‘can’t-miss.’
  3. Expand His Horizons: Let’s admit it; left to their devices, some men would stick to their same old buddies, discussing the same old topics. With you at the helm, he might just discover a love for wine tasting or salsa dancing!
  4. Ultimate Trust: His willingness to let you lead showcases trust. And let’s face it, that kind of vulnerability? It’s quite the aphrodisiac.

Dominating your husband’s social life – Relationship Benefits:

  1. No More Double Bookings: Because there’s nothing worse than realizing you both planned different things for the same night. One calendar, one leader, zero problems.
  2. Quality over Quantity: With a discerning eye ensuring the social circle is top-notch, you will both likely have more meaningful interactions.
  3. Shared Experiences: When orchestrating the events, you can ensure more shared experiences, leading to more shared memories. Cue the ‘remember when’ conversations!
  4. Conflict Minimization: Who needs petty quarrels over which party to attend or which friend to hang out with? His social life is your canvas, and every stroke is intentional.
  5. Growth Through Challenge: Putting him in diverse social situations can help him grow. And who doesn’t want a partner who’s constantly evolving (under your guidance, of course)?

Social Life Guidelines

Here are more ways to exert control over his social life:

  • Advance Notice: Require that he provides you with an advance notice (like 48 hours) before committing to any social engagement. This gives you ample time to approve, modify, or decline the plan.
  • Shared Calendar: Implement a shared calendar system where he has to input all potential social engagements, allowing you to approve, decline, or suggest changes.
  • Veto Power: You have the ultimate decision-making power. You can use this to veto any social engagements you deem unfit or interfere with your plans.
    Check-In Times: Require him to check in with you at specific times during his social engagements. This allows you to maintain control, even when not physically present.
  • Permission Requests: He should seek your permission for the location, time, and people involved in the social event. You can approve or suggest changes based on your preference.
  • Set Social Themes: Depending on the day of the week, you could establish a theme for his social engagements. For example, “Tuesdays are for intellectual pursuits (book club, lectures),” “Fridays are for relaxation (movie night with friends).”
  • Assign Tasks: Before he leaves for social engagements, assign tasks to complete, such as household chores, or have him prepare something for when you both return home (like a meal or a bath).
  • Dress Code: Set the dress code for his social outings. This could be as detailed as picking out his outfits or as broad as setting general rules like “casual wear for daytime events, formal for the evening.”

These measures provide different ways to exert control but always remember that the underlying principle of an FLR is mutual respect and consent. Always communicate openly with your partner and ensure these measures enhance your relationship rather than causing discomfort or strain.

Dominating your husband’s social life – Hubby Asking Permission

Asking permission reminds your husband, who runs the show and strengthens your dynamic. Here are some general guidelines on how a partner could respectfully seek consent:

  • Direct Request: He might ask, “May I go to dinner with John this Friday at 7 PM?” or “Is it alright if I join the guys for a basketball game on Saturday afternoon?”
  • Written Request: Depending on the dynamics of your relationship, he might write you a note or send a text message asking for permission. This could be something like, “Dear [Your Name], I have been invited to a work function this Thursday evening. May I attend?”
  • Calendar Request: If you’re using a shared calendar, he can put his social plans into the calendar and await your approval. This should include all relevant information – the nature of the event, the location, who will be there, and the start and end time.
  • In Person with Detail: He can ask for permission in person, providing all the details about the event – “I’ve been invited to a charity event this Friday. It’s at the city hall and will run from 6 PM to 9 PM. May I go?”
Dominating your husband’s social life
Dominating your husband’s social life

Permission Rituals

Rituals can enhance the dynamics of the relationship, help establish a deeper connection and heighten the sense of role-play. Here are a few examples of other rituals that could accompany a request for social permission:

  • Kneeling: He could kneel down in a submissive posture while asking for permission. This physical act signifies his submission and your control in the relationship.
  • Written Request and Sealing: He could write his requests on a piece of paper, and then you can either approve or disapprove of it. You could even use a special seal or sign to mark the approval, making it a ceremonial act.
  • Hand Kiss or Foot Kiss: If the request is made in person, he could take your hand or foot and gently kiss it as a sign of respect before or after he makes his request.
  • Formal Speech: He could use a particular formal language or tone when he makes his requests. This could include phrases like “Might I request your permission to…” or “With your permission, may I…”
  • Specific Timing: The request could be made at a specific time each day, such as in the morning over breakfast or in the evening before bed. This regularity adds a sense of ritual to the process.
  • Gesture of Service: He could accompany his request with a small act of service, such as bringing you your favourite drink, offering a foot massage, or presenting a bouquet of flowers.

Remember, these rituals should be tailored to fit the specifics of your relationship and should be consensual and comfortable for both parties. The key is to maintain a balance of power that strengthens your relationship and fulfils both your desires.

Dominating your husbands’s social life – Shaping his social life

In a level 3 or 4 FLR, the woman has a considerable degree of control over her partner’s social life. Below are some real-life examples of how this might look. Remember, these examples assume consent and agreement from both parties.

  • Approval of Friends: In some FLRs, the dominant partner might have approval rights over her partner’s friends. This could mean that if her partner meets someone new and wishes to spend time with them, he must first introduce them to his dominant partner for her approval. This also applies to existing friendships. For example, “Mark, I’ve noticed that you’ve been spending a lot of time with Tom lately. I would like to get to know him better before you continue to spend more time with him.”
  • Control over Schedule: The dominant partner could control her partner’s schedule, deciding when he sees his friends, how often, and for how long. For instance, she might decide he can see his friends twice weekly and must be home by a specific time. “John, you can meet your friends on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I expect you home no later than 9 PM.”
  • Control over Activities: The dominant partner might also control the types of activities her partner engages in socially. For example, she might permit him to go to a friend’s house but not a bar. “Steve, I’m okay with you going to Peter’s house for the game, but I do not want you going to the bar afterwards.”
  • Approval of Social Events: Before committing to any social events, he must ask for her approval. This includes providing all the details about the event – who will be there, where, and what time it will start and end. “George, remember to inform me about any social events you wish to attend at least two days in advance. I need to know the details before you can go.”
  • Attendance of Social Events: In some cases, the dominant partner might attend social events with her partner. This allows her to meet his friends and have a direct influence on his social interactions. “Richard, I think I’ll come to the barbecue at Chris’s house this weekend. I want to get to know your friends better.”

Remember, these scenarios should be consensual and negotiated by both parties involved. Open communication, respect, and consideration for each other’s feelings and comfort are paramount in maintaining a healthy FLR.

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12 thoughts on “Dominating your husband’s social life”

    1. I can’t say that I ever really shared my friends or relationships with anyone nevermind my girlfriend. This would a hard rule to adjust to? What if she decides I’m never allowed to associate with a particular person anymore? Maybe that somebody and I have been running together for years? What if it’s family?
      Would like to hear your take on this?


      1. Ultimately Terry if you have given consent to her authority, then you need to trust that she knows best and be obedient to her demands. All of this comes with conversations with your Dominant.

  1. On a regular basis, I join friends for breakfast at a local diner. On some occasions she informs me that she will be joining me to get to know my friends better. She never asks if it’s “OK” with me. She simply informs me of her intentions


  2. what if the lady in your life refuses to allow you to ever have any dealings with your friends, or even family members again; as you’ve mentioned power is an aphrodisiac.

  3. How very appropriate. Even with his so called ‘free’ time the inferior male must seek permission from the Superior Female. She decides what social events he may attend and what people he may meet. Even when not in Her presence he is tethered to Her! Such as it should be in an FLR!

    1. With training the husband will automatically respond with “I must ask my wife’s permission” before responding to any social request and harmony in the FLR will prevail!

      1. This is so difficult for me, it has caused many acquaintances to decide i am “pussy whipped” and not to be taken seriously, but i find if i am straightforward about my need to coordinate my time with Wife, it’s not a big deal to most. Those who do not understand a husband needing approval from the Wife aren’t the kind of folks i should be associating with anyway

  4. The “Asking For Permission” rule was one of the first put into place in our FLR. This really cut down on conflicts considerably. If it’s a situation where I’m going out with the guys, I automatically know I will be given a curfew time I am to be home by.

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