Female Domination in the Workplace

Female Domination in the workplace

Ah, Dear Dommes of the Desk,

Workplace dynamics are indeed a fascinating territory. On the one hand, we’re all about equality, professionalism, and diligence. Yet, there’s this cheeky undercurrent of dominance and submission. But let’s untangle this web, shall we?

Reader question:

“A guy at work likes me, and I’m certain he’s submissive. He’s always going out of his way to do stuff for me. How can I have some fun with him at work?”

Firstly, high five for spotting a potential minion in the mundane corporate corridors. However, remember the golden rule: professionalism first. That said, there’s no harm in a little playful, consensual tease, is there? Here’s your guide to ruling the roost:

  • Assign Tasks with Flair: Assign him a task next time he’s keen to lend a hand. Make it sound unique. “Could you exclusively handle this for me?” Adding the ‘exclusively’ makes it seem like a privilege only he is privy to.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Compliment him when he does well. A simple “You did that perfectly” can work wonders. He’ll be eager to do more to earn that praise.
  • The Teasing Timing: Set a deadline for a slightly shorter deadline than necessary. Then, if he meets it, act pleasantly surprised, as if you always knew he could.
  • The Pen Drop: Ah, the classic. Drop your pen accidentally, and see if he rushes to pick it up. If he does, reward him with a gracious smile or a soft “thank you.”
  • Lunch Liaisons: Ask him to join you for lunch, just the two of you. It’s a subtle way of saying, “I choose to spend time with you.” Discuss anything but work and observe how he reacts to personal topics.

However, dear Mistress, while play is enticing, be aware of boundaries—yours and his. Remember, you’re dancing on the line of professionalism. It’s about maintaining mutual respect and understanding the distinction between playful dominance and actual leadership.

Ultimately, it’s about reading the room, or in this case, the office cubicle. If he seems receptive, keep the dance going. If not, be the gracious leader you are and step back.

Female Domination in the workplace
Female Domination in the workplace

Female Domination in the workplace – Training an Office Boy

If he responds positively, the potential for mutual fun increases. But before you set forth on this path of office power play, let’s address some very crucial points:

  • Professionalism First: The workplace is primarily for work. It’s crucial to ensure that personal dynamics do not interfere with the professional environment, roles, and responsibilities.
  • Clear Boundaries: Establish boundaries. What is fun and playful for one person might be uncomfortable for another. Discuss your intentions and get his explicit consent.
  • Confidentiality: Even with his consent, keeping things discreet is crucial. Office gossip mills work faster than you think, and you wouldn’t want to fuel them.
  • Avoid Physical Dominance: It’s imperative to remember that any physical touch, even in a playful context, can be misconstrued and can lead to potential HR issues. Stick to verbal exchanges and playful tasks.
  • Balancing Power: While he might enjoy your dominant side, remember he may also have responsibilities and roles that require him to be authoritative. Respect his professional position.
  • Regular Check-ins: Ensure that you both are still on the same page. What starts as fun might become overwhelming for one party, so regular communication is key.
  • Have an Exit Strategy: Understand that personal dynamics can change, and what’s fun today might not be tomorrow. Be prepared to step back if either of you feels uncomfortable.

While consensual power play can be fun and exhilarating, the workplace might not be the best environment. There are too many factors at play, from workplace policies to the potential for misconceptions. If you both are genuinely interested in exploring this dynamic further, it’s best done outside of office hours.

Female Domination in the workplace examples: 

The Beverage Butler:
Setting: Large office with a shared kitchen
Every morning, as the office came alive, Lara casually told Derek how she could use a strong cup of coffee. Being the observant one, Derek picked up on this hint and made it his unspoken duty. Every day, without fail, there would be a steaming cup of perfectly brewed coffee waiting for her. And soon, he became her exclusive “coffee connoisseur,” ensuring her cup was never empty during those grueling meetings.

The Document Disciple:
Setting: Large corporate firm with endless paperwork
Rebecca, the senior analyst, noticed Tom, a junior, was always eager to assist. One day, after a meeting, she handed him her presentation, asking if he’d mind making copies for the next session. He agreed with enthusiasm. From then on, Tom became Rebecca’s personal document handler, ensuring all her paperwork was always perfectly organized, bound, and ready for her meetings.

The Lunchtime Liaison:
Setting: Bustling city office near multiple eateries
Emily had a penchant for trying out different cuisines. One day, she mused aloud about craving sushi. Nathan, always keen to impress, took note. The next day, sushi from the city’s best joint was on her desk at lunchtime. Their lunchtime ritual soon evolved, with Nathan bringing her a surprise meal from different eateries every day, turning him into her personal lunchtime curator.

The IT Idol:
Setting: Modern tech firm with endless gadgets
Sophie was brilliant, but when it came to the latest tech, she would often jest about being ‘technologically cursed’. Ryan, the IT whiz, caught on. He began preemptively setting up all her devices, ensuring she was the first to receive any updates, and was always available for any tech emergencies she had. Soon, he became her personal IT guardian angel.

The Agenda Angel:
Setting: Busy PR firm with back-to-back meetings

Claire, a senior PR executive, often voiced her frustration with keeping track of her ever-changing schedule. Ethan, a member of her team, took note. He started providing her with a neatly organized daily agenda every morning, complete with all her appointments, reminders, and even a tiny space for her personal notes. He soon became her unofficial time-keeper, ensuring she was always prepared.

The Desk Diva’s Deputy:
Setting: Design studio filled with creative chaos

Amelia, the chief designer, had a desk that echoed her mind – colorful and chaotically creative. Noticing her often losing important items amidst her artistic mess, Jake, a junior designer, began organizing her space every evening post-work. The next morning, Amelia would find her essentials (pens, sketches, color palettes) all systematically arranged, making her workflow smoother. Jake subtly became the guardian of her workspace.

The Breakroom Buddy:
Setting: Corporate office with a shared relaxation space

During breaks, Serena liked to unwind with her favorite green tea but often lamented its unavailability in the office pantry. Alex, a colleague from a different department, began stocking up the pantry with Serena’s favorite tea brand. Each time she stepped into the breakroom, her desired refreshment awaited her, all thanks to her anonymous tea fairy (though she soon pieced together her benefactor’s identity).

The Commute Companion:
Setting: Downtown office with tricky parking spaces

Rebecca, a project manager, always grumbled about the hassle of finding a good parking spot. Bryan, who lived nearby and walked to work, began arriving early to reserve the best parking space for her. He’d place a cone, saving it, and remove it just as Rebecca drove in, ensuring she started her day hassle-free.

The Library Luminary:
Setting: Research institution with vast archives

Dr. Rosalind, a senior researcher, would spend hours digging through journals and papers. Noticing her dedication, Tim, a junior researcher, started indexing important articles and leaving them on her desk, neatly annotated. He soon became her go-to for any literary hunt, streamlining her research process.

These scenarios highlight the various subtle ways men can be of service in a professional setting. Always remember, though, that these gestures should come from a place of genuine respect and goodwill, and always ensure boundaries are not overstepped.

Female Domination in the workplace – Extending service to personal errands

Ah, the allure of blending professional camaraderie with personal service. Having a devoted domestic servant can indeed provide a delightful dynamic for those who enjoy such relationships, especially if it’s consensual. However, this transition can be delicate, given the complexities of intertwining a working relationship with a personal dynamic.

1. Communicate Clearly:
As always, begin with an open conversation. Ensure he’s genuinely interested in the idea of serving you outside work, and that there’s no pressure stemming from your shared professional relationship.

2. Trial Period:
Consider a trial period to test the waters. Perhaps a weekend where he takes on household tasks, allowing both of you to gauge the dynamic and decide if it’s something you wish to pursue long-term.

3. Define Boundaries:
What does “domestic servant” mean to both of you? Will he be responsible for all household chores, just a few specific tasks, or maybe even more personal duties? Be clear and avoid misunderstandings.

Female Domination in the workplace – Keeping it platonic

Ensuring that a domestic servitude and personal assistant dynamic remains non-sexual and non-physical is paramount for maintaining clear boundaries and preventing potential misunderstandings. Here are some steps and guidelines to consider:

1. Explicit Communication:

State Boundaries Clearly: At the very beginning, articulate that this relationship will be strictly non-sexual and non-physical. Make sure he understands and agrees to this.
Check-in Regularly: Occasionally revisit the conversation to ensure both parties remain comfortable and the boundaries are maintained.
2. Define Roles Precisely:

Job Description: Draft a clear list of tasks he’ll be responsible for. This will make expectations clear and help avoid situations where boundaries could be blurred.
Limit Personal Tasks: Be wary of tasks that could be misconstrued or have intimate undertones. For instance, if he’s assisting you with wardrobe choices, you could lay out outfits in advance rather than having him present during changes.
3. Professional Demeanor:

Dress Code: Consider establishing a professional dress code for him while he’s serving you. This reinforces the professional nature of the dynamic.
Mannerisms: Encourage a formal mode of address and behavior. This will help differentiate this dynamic from more casual or intimate relationships.
4. Separate Spaces:

Work Zones: Assign specific areas of the home where he’s allowed to perform tasks. Areas like the bedroom might be off-limits to maintain boundaries.
Personal Space: When not actively performing tasks, he could have a designated space to wait or take breaks, ensuring he’s not constantly in your personal space.
5. Avoid Ambiguous Situations:

Limit Alcohol: If you’re having him serve drinks during an event or dinner, perhaps limit or avoid alcohol to prevent any unintentional boundary crossings.
No Overnight Stays: Unless absolutely necessary and boundaries are clear, avoid having him stay overnight.

Third-Party Awareness:

Inform a Confidant: Having someone else aware of the arrangement can act as a safeguard. They can occasionally check in, ensuring the dynamic remains as intended.

Contract or Agreement: While it might sound overly formal, drafting a written agreement that outlines the nature of the relationship, tasks, boundaries, and any other pertinent details can be useful. Both parties can refer to this document should any confusion arise.

Female Domination in the workplace and maintaining a non-sexual and non-physical dynamic requires vigilance, regular communication, and mutual respect. Both parties need to be continuously aware of the boundaries and be proactive in addressing any potential grey areas.

Have fun and play safe!

Author: Cat Boulder

Meet Cat Boulder: a sassy blogger unapologetically championing Female Supremacy with a cheeky grin and a sharp pen. She's not just preaching women's strength and leadership – she's a live wire sparking a gender-role rebellion. For Cat, women are more than leaders; they're queens to be served joyfully by men, weaving bonds of strength and sisterhood in every aspect of life. Through her zesty prose, she empowers women to own their dominance while guiding men to embrace humble servitude with gusto. Forget traditional norms – Cat's writing ignites a feisty journey towards a world where women reign supreme, and relationships bask in a harmonious matriarchy. Follow Cat on Tumblr, X or Instagram

5 thoughts on “Female Domination in the Workplace”

  1. Very interesting article again Ms Cat Boulder. Although it’s very different from the workplace domination I had at one time. Prior to getting married, I took a part time job at a hotel strictly to learn how to vacuum, make beds properly, and fast, scrub toilets, and showers etc. Learn to do, by doing as the saying goes. My fiance suggested I do this as part of my training before we married, and we began our Wife Led Marriage. Whenever there were rooms that were totally trashed when someone opened the door, it always got assigned to me, by my female boss. Furthermore, god help me if there was a customer complaint about a room I had cleaned, and I had to face the wrath of that woman. You want to talk about female dominant. She was the poster child for the term! Actually she was a total b*tch, and very proud of it.

    A second statement I need to make is it’s interesting how the workplace has changed. You keep advising to be vigilant not to do something that could be taken out of context, or go to far. It wasn’t too long ago, it was nothing for a woman to be blackmailed into sleeping with her male boss to get a job promotion. In fact it probably still goes on. Excellent article with many great points in it Cat.

  2. Another fine article, Cat! I especially like the idea of a contract, extending the office servant’s role into one of a more personal, domestic nature. Then the Superior Dominant Female can have the best of both worlds: a personal office boy and one who tends to Her off-hours needs.

  3. My boss at work in accounting is a tall black woman. She dominates everyone in the department & her boss, a white man is actually afraid of her.
    I especially do everything to try to please her but she never acknowledges my efforts. She knows I’m scare yo death of her!

  4. The saddest part of finally finding my Goddess and being in a FLR is when the Goddess passes away or leaves. Leaving the submissive sad, alone, confused, and in need of another Goddess to take charge of him. Since my Wife died in my arms from cancer this is exactly how i’ve felt.

  5. I’ve seen the “Beverage Butler” at work. When I noticed the dynamic and must have showed it on my face with wry smile, the lady colleague looked straight at me and said “He’s my bitch.”. I could only agree. Most impressive.

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