Teasing a man in chastity, 58 ways to drive him crazy

Teasing a man in chastity

Over a week into Locktober, so now is the perfect time to turn up the teasing! Teasing a man in chastity amps up his sexual frustration and makes him even more eager to please and obey.

For those delving into the world of chastity play, the balance between restraint and desire offers an exhilarating dance of anticipation. Navigating this space requires a mix of creativity, understanding, and a dash of playful mischief.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just beginning your journey, here are 58 tantalizing ways to tease a man in chastity, enhancing the experience and deepening the bond between participants. Always remember: mutual respect and consent form the bedrock of any intimate encounter. Dive in, and let the teasing commence!

Teasing a man in chastity – Getting Started

  1. Verbal Teasing: Whispering in his ear about how he’s under her control or how long it might be until his next release.
  2. Dressing Provocatively: Wearing outfits that he finds attractive or irresistible while he cannot act on his desires.
  3. Physical Teasing: Gently touching or caressing him in areas near but not directly on his locked parts, emphasising the barrier between him and satisfaction.
  4. Denial: Giving him tasks or challenges and telling him if he completes them to her satisfaction, he might get a reward (though not necessarily granting that reward).
  5. Exposing him to Erotic Content: Making him watch or read erotic content, discussing fantasies, or talking about previous intimate experiences.
  6. Public Teasing: Taking him out in public and subtly reminding him of his chastity (e.g., by brushing her hand against his locked device under the table at a restaurant).
  7. Requiring Service: Having him provide services like massages, foot rubs, or other personal attentions that emphasise his submissive role.
  8. Intimacy without Release: Engaging in intimate activities where she receives pleasure but ensuring he remains frustrated and denied.
  9. Temperature Play: Using ice or warm sensations near his locked areas, playing with the contrast of feelings while he remains confined.
  10. Flirting and Social Teasing: Interacting flirtatiously with others in social settings (with boundaries) to playfully remind him of his status and stir jealousy or longing.

Remember, the key in all BDSM activities is consent and communication. Always check in with the submissive partner, be aware of his limits, and ensure that activities are enjoyable and safe for both parties.

More Teases to Explore

  1. Sleeping Arrangements: Make him sleep at the foot of the bed or in another room, emphasising his submissive position and the distance from her.
  2. Introduce Competition: Talk about other men flatteringly, emphasising their traits and hinting that they don’t have the “limitations” he has.
  3. Edging: Bring him to the edge of release through touch or other means, then stop just before he climaxes.
  4. Wearing his Key: Wear the key to his chastity device as a necklace or anklet, reminding him that you control his release.
  5. Tease and Denial Games: Play games where he has to earn points or perform tasks for a potential release – but always keep the odds in your favour.
  6. Remote Controlled Toys: Use toys that can be controlled remotely and surprise him with unexpected sensations when he least expects it.
  7. Fantasy Sharing: Share your own fantasies that involve other scenarios where he’s even more controlled, teased, or denied.
  8. Feigned Ignorance: Pretend to forget about his locked state occasionally, asking innocent questions like “Are you comfortable in that?” or “How’s it feeling today?”
  9. Plan Date Nights: Organize romantic or sensual date nights, but always with the underlying reminder that he won’t get a whole intimate experience.
  10. Postponed Promises: Promise him a specific release date, then change it spontaneously to keep him on his toes, constantly guessing and hoping.

Teasing a man in chastity – Getting Creative

  1. Mirror Teasing: Make him watch the two of you in the mirror during intimate moments. The visual, coupled with the fact he’s locked, can be tantalising.
  2. Poetic Messages: Write him erotic poetry or stories, letting his imagination do the teasing for you.
  3. Aromatic Teasing: Wear a new seductive perfume or light-scented candles with sensual undertones. This plays with his senses in a subtle but alluring manner.
  4. Tantalising Predictions: Consult a “faux” fortune-telling method (like a magic 8-ball or tarot cards) about when he’ll next be released. It’s playful, and the uncertainty adds to the tease.
  5. Gift Teasing: Present him with intimate gifts (like lingerie) that are not for his direct enjoyment but rather to enhance your allure.
  6. Travel Teasing: Talk about potential “romantic” vacation spots or hotels, discussing all the intimate details and amenities without promising an actual trip or release.
  7. Photo Teasing: Send him provocative photos of you throughout the day, especially when he’s at work or in situations where he can’t react openly.
  8. Countdown Clock: Set up a digital countdown (on his phone or a physical clock) to a potential release date, but occasionally reset it, keeping him in anticipation.
  9. Sensual Food Play: Blindfold him and feed him aphrodisiac foods (like strawberries or chocolate), or let him watch you consume them seductively.
  10. Artistic Teasing: Take up body painting or another art form and use him as a canvas, letting your touch tease him as you create.
  11. Music Teasing: Create a playlist of sensual songs and play them during moments of intimacy or throughout the day to keep him in a constant state of arousal.
  12. Performance Teasing: Have him perform a striptease or dance for you. This puts him in a vulnerable position and showcases his desire to please you.
  13. Diary or Journal: Make him keep a diary or journal of his desires, fantasies, and feelings while in chastity. Occasionally read entries aloud and discuss them.
  14. Mystery Texture: Blindfold him and use various materials (like silk, feathers, leather) to tease his skin. The surprise element of each texture can be tantalizing.
  15. Role Reversal Talk: Discuss scenarios where roles are reversed and he is in the dominant position. The “what ifs” can be a mental tease, especially if he knows they won’t come to fruition.
  16. Time-based Challenges: Set up challenges where he has to withstand a certain amount of teasing or stimulation for a set amount of time without begging for release.
  17. Window Teasing: If you have private windows or balconies, stand where he can see you (but not publically visible) in provocative attire, performing a task, or simply teasing him with a view.
  18. Book Club: Read erotic literature aloud to him, letting the words and your voice be the primary sources of teasing.
  19. New Experience: Introduce a new sensation, toy, or activity he hasn’t experienced before. The novelty can be a tease in itself, as he won’t know what to expect.
  20. Gaming Teasing: If you’re both into video games, play a game where he’s at a disadvantage or has certain restrictions. Each time he loses, add to his time in chastity or tease him in another manner.
Teasing a man in chastity
Teasing a man in chastity

Teasing with Kinks

  1. Fantasy Role Play: Dress up as a character from one of his favourite fantasies, whether a nurse, teacher, secretary or any other role. Act out the scene, ensuring the chastity dynamic remains at play.
  2. Kink Exploration: If he has expressed interest in other kinks, like bondage, spanking, or foot worship, integrate these into your teasing sessions, always with the reminder of his chastity.
  3. Personalised Erotica: Write a short story based on one of his fantasies, but add elements where his chastity plays a key role. Read it to him or have him read it aloud.
  4. Fantasy Denial: Ask him about one of his deep fantasies, then playfully deny him the experience, only to hint at it later on.
  5. Kink Classes: Attend a BDSM or kink class or workshop together. Let him see and learn but not partake fully due to his chastity.
  6. Fantasy Fulfillment with a Twist: Agree to act out one of his fantasies but introduce unexpected teasing or denial elements to surprise him.
  7. Exhibitionist Play: If he has an exhibitionist streak, have him serve you or perform tasks in semi-public places where there’s a hint of being seen (while ensuring no one else is actually exposed to the scene without their consent).
  8. Kinky Shopping: Visit a BDSM or fetish store together. Let him pick out items that align with his fantasies, but don’t let him use or experience them immediately.
  9. Talk and Tease: During intimate moments, whisper details of his fantasies into his ear, emphasising parts he can’t have due to his chastity.
  10. Kink Videos: Watch videos or tutorials related to his specific kinks. Make him observe and discuss, building anticipation without letting him act on it.

Teasing with cuckolding

Incorporating themes of the Dominant partner seeking satisfaction elsewhere, often termed “cuckolding” in the BDSM and kink community, can be a powerful and provocative element of tease and denial play. However, it’s essential to note that any activities involving third parties must be based on consent, understanding, and respect from everyone involved. Here are eight ways to tease within this theme:

  1. Flirtatious Discussions: Share with him stories or scenarios where you describe flirtatious encounters with others, letting his imagination run wild.
  2. Going Out Alone: Dress up for a night out and leave him behind, hinting at the possibility of you meeting someone else, even if it’s just a tease.
  3. Text Play: While he’s nearby, send flirty texts or pretend to receive them, letting him see the notifications but not the content.
  4. Gifts from ‘Admirers’: Buy yourself a gift and claim it’s from an ‘admirer’ or a ‘date’. This can fuel his imagination and remind him of the scenario.
  5. Photos: Share photos with him of you in intimate or suggestive poses, claiming they’re for someone else’s eyes, even if they’re not.
  6. Audio Tease: Play sounds or recordings of intimate moments (staged or from audio platforms) and hint that it’s a recent encounter you had.
  7. Dating Apps: Show him a dating app on your phone, letting him see you swipe or interact, even if it’s just for teasing and you have no intention of meeting anyone.
  8. Lingerie and Clothing: Occasionally wear lingerie or unique clothing, hinting that you’re wearing it for someone else or a potential date.

Always remember that integrating this kind of play into your dynamic can be intense emotionally. It’s crucial to check in regularly with your partner about their feelings and comfort levels. Aftercare and debriefing after scenes or teases can be especially important to ensure the emotional well-being of all parties involved.

What other teases can you recommend to drive submissive men crazy when locked in chastity? share your ideas in the comments 

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