Whitney Wolfe Herd: Inspirational Female Leader

Ladies and gentlewomen, as we gather to celebrate the fabulous Whitney Wolfe Herd stepping down, let’s take a moment to bask in the glory of her achievements. This woman, a fierce lioness in the tech jungle, didn’t just create Bumble; she revolutionised how we flirt, date, and network. Picture this: a world where we, the ladies, make the first move, breaking free from those age-old chains of waiting for the man to start the dance. That’s the Bumble buzz, honey!

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13 signs of submissive body language for obedient husbands

Bonjour, audacious readers!

In this fascinating social dance of ours, body language is the unspoken language we all comprehend. Body language can be a potent tool to communicate subservience, respect, and reverence. A husband can use his body language to physically demonstrate to his wife the respect he has for her.

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A New Era of Female Empowerment: “The Temple” Book Arrives Soon

Hello, my daring darlings,

I am absolutely thrilled to share with you the news of my upcoming book, “The Temple.” This isn’t just any book. It’s a manifesto, a journey, a tool for awakening the powerful leader in each and every one of you.

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Elevating Your FLR to the Next Level: Addressing Fears

A reader writes:

“The articles on why serving gives men purpose, and the levels of FLR were helpful information. My husband and I have been in an FLR level 1 our entire relationship (35 years), but I didn’t know it had a name. I have always had him on an allowance, although he is an executive and leads hundreds of people at work and makes good money. After hearing about clients and our long-time friends’ relationships ending in divorce from adultery or growing apart, I would say I started to move us into more of a level 2 a few years ago. We started introducing chastity as a kink to spice up the bedroom and have been experimenting with longer-term wear. He has always done several of the domestic chores, laundry, cleaning, and half the cooking. As his career winds down, he helped me start my own business during COVID. It is successful enough; I now want him to come work for me. While he is truly willing to serve and let me lead, I struggle to move us to the higher levels of FLR, demanding he wear a device on his sensitive areas most of the time and serve me. It feels like we would be moving out of a partnership to me being a controlling nag at work and at home. Any feedback would be appreciated.”

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Husband as Personal Assistant : From Sweetheart to Secretary

In the lush and delightful world of female supremacy, we believe in a simple motto: why do it yourself when you can have a charming, attentive man do it for you? So, ladies, if you’re intrigued by the idea of turning your doting spouse into your dutiful personal assistant, you’re in the right place. Buckle up, sit back, and let’s dive into the deliciously dominant world of female-led relationships (FLRs).

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Exploring sadism in a FLR

A reader writes:

“I’m in a FLR with my husband; we’re at about a level 3. I’ve been a bit of a sadist in my past; how do I introduce my sadistic side to my husband gradually?”

Ah, darling, the intoxicating allure of embracing one’s inner femme fatale!

But before you unleash that ravishingly wicked side, let’s approach this with the finesse it deserves. Exploring sadism is like introducing a new shade of lipstick – start subtle and work your way up!

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12 things submissive men can learn from butlers

Oh, my stars, what a delightful topic! The refined art of being a butler as a lesson for submissive men? It’s like teaching a master class in grace, elegance, and yes, obedience.

So, darling, let’s dive into the lessons your man can glean from the dignified world of Jeeves and Alfred. After all, butlers are not just servants but lifestyle managers.
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The Art of ‘Leashing’ in a Female-Led Relationship

Ah, the power of the leash. It’s a slender thread that binds not only the charmingly obedient man to his superior woman but also, symbolically, the old ways to the new. And don’t we just adore shaking things up?

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How to train your husband to serve on autopilot

Miss Angelina raises a great point in her comment on my article ‘Training your man to politely articulate his needs

She writes:

“If I may be honest. About the Domestic Blueprint….. I like my boy to be proactive around the house. It’s supposed to make my life easier. If I need to keep micromanaging all obvious routines and chores…. no, Thinking about it already irritates me. So, the ‘not lift a finger before I say so’ will only work on things outside our routines. Otherwise. He better have things done without me having to think about it.” Comment

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Women Ruling the Workplace: The High Heels of Progress and How to Walk the Talk

Women ruling the workplace

Hello, my lovely leading ladies. Today, we’re donning our proverbial stilettos and strutting through a long overdue topic—why women should rule the workplace. My darlings, it’s time to get your perfectly manicured hands on that boardroom table and show ’em who’s boss. Continue reading “Women Ruling the Workplace: The High Heels of Progress and How to Walk the Talk”