29 ways to humiliate your husband

humiliate your husband with gentle public play

Oh, the delightful thrill of dominance and submission! It’s a dance that tests boundaries, forges deeper connections, and satisfies the most complex desires. One such tantalizing flavour in this mix is consensual humiliation. Now, before your eyebrows shoot up in surprise, let’s clear the air. Consensual humiliation is not about disrespect or abuse. It’s about exploring power dynamics, pushing comfort zones, and indulging in the heady intoxication of dominance and submission.

Engaging in consensual humiliation as part of a Female-Led Relationship (FLR) can be a powerful and exciting aspect of the dynamic, especially at levels 3 or 4, where there’s a deeper, more established understanding of each other’s limits and desires.

So, dear ladies, let’s dive into ways a wife can use consensual humiliation to assert her authority in a Female-led Relationship (FLR).

  1. Chastity Play: Require him to wear a chastity device, giving you complete control over his sexual release.
  2. Pet Names: Use specific pet names for him that play into the humiliation aspect, only within the agreed-upon context.
  3. Clothing Control: Dictate what he wears, possibly choosing outfits that are slightly embarrassing or not his usual style.
  4. Public Tasks: Give him subtle tasks to perform in public that are slightly embarrassing but not overly conspicuous.
  5. Service Oriented: Assign him menial tasks around the house, like cleaning or serving you, emphasising your control.
  6. Orgasm Control/Denial: Exercise control over his orgasms, deciding when or if he’s allowed release.
  7. Sissyfication: Dress him in feminine clothing or lingerie if this aligns with your mutual kinks.
  8. Mockery Play: Gently mock or tease him about specific things, keeping it light and within agreed boundaries.
  9. Restrictive Bondage: Use bondage in a way that makes him feel exposed or vulnerable.
  10. Posture Collars or Leashes: Use posture collars or leashes to control his movement and posture.
  11. Foot Worship: Have him worship your feet, emphasising his subservience.
  12. Speech Restrictions: Limit how and when he can speak, or create rules around how he addresses you.
  13. Cuckolding Scenarios: Explore cuckolding fantasies where you describe or enact scenes with other partners.
  14. Eating and Drinking Control: Control aspects of his diet or manner of eating/drinking, possibly in a way that’s mildly embarrassing.
  15. Erotic Photography: Take compromising or submissive photos of him (with consent) to reinforce the dynamic.
  16. Role Reversal Scenarios: Have him take on roles traditionally considered ‘feminine’ or ‘submissive’ in the household, like serving you dinner dressed as a maid or doing the laundry, and praise him for his obedience and diligence.
  17. Language Games: Create a game where he must speak in a certain way, like referring to himself in the third person or only using certain phrases when addressing you. This can be both a playful and a subtle form of humiliation.
  18. Creative Writing Tasks: Assign him to write essays or poems about his submission, fantasies, or feelings about being in a FLR, and then have him read them aloud to you.
  19. Restrictive Clothing: Have him wear restrictive or slightly uncomfortable clothing around the house, such as tight shorts or a shirt with a tight collar, as a constant reminder of his submission.
  20. Ceremonial Rituals: Develop small rituals that emphasise his submission, like kneeling and kissing your feet when you arrive home or presenting himself for inspection.
  21. Creative Punishments: For playful misdemeanours, invent creative punishments, like standing in the corner, writing lines, or performing an embarrassing dance for you.
  22. Sensory Deprivation: Use blindfolds or earmuffs to deprive him of sight or hearing for a period, heightening his other senses and making him more aware of his vulnerability.
  23. Objectification: Treat him as an object, like a footstool or a piece of furniture, for a short period, emphasising your control and his objectification. See also https://femaleled.info/objectification-ten-ways-to-treat-your-husband-like-an-object-to-increase-humility-and-obedience/
  24. Mock Competitions: Create light-hearted competitions where he’s set up to fail amusingly, like a baking contest where he has to use an unfamiliar recipe.
  25. Guided Public Outings: Take him on a ‘guided’ shopping trip where you choose items for him to try on, subtly pushing his comfort zone in a safe environment.
  26. Performance Tasks: Have him perform tasks that are slightly embarrassing but harmless, like singing a silly song or performing a skit you wrote.
  27. Diary Keeping: Require him to keep a diary of his submissive thoughts and feelings to be shared and discussed with you.
  28. Service Auctions: In a private setting with consenting friends, ‘auction’ off his services, like foot massages or serving drinks.
  29. Selective Silence: Institute periods where he is not permitted to speak unless spoken to or can only respond in a pre-determined manner.
humiliate your husband with gentle public play
humiliate your husband with gentle public play

Remember, the essence of consensual humiliation is ‘consensual’. Always discuss limits, use safe words, and constantly check in with your partner’s emotional state. Respect his boundaries, and remember, the aim is to assert your authority and enhance pleasure, not to hurt or degrade your partner genuinely.

So, ladies, if you and your partner are intrigued by this captivating element of power play, go forth, explore and revel in it. It’s your world, your rules. Make him dance to your tantalising tune of dominance. And to the gentlemen, your willingness to submit and please is indeed commendable. Always remember, your submission is not a sign of weakness but a testament to your courage and respect for the power of the feminine.

Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

Author: Cat Boulder

Meet Cat Boulder: a sassy blogger unapologetically championing Female Supremacy with a cheeky grin and a sharp pen. She's not just preaching women's strength and leadership – she's a live wire sparking a gender-role rebellion. For Cat, women are more than leaders; they're queens to be served joyfully by men, weaving bonds of strength and sisterhood in every aspect of life. Through her zesty prose, she empowers women to own their dominance while guiding men to embrace humble servitude with gusto. Forget traditional norms – Cat's writing ignites a feisty journey towards a world where women reign supreme, and relationships bask in a harmonious matriarchy. Follow Cat on Tumblr, X or Instagram

11 thoughts on “29 ways to humiliate your husband”

  1. I do love when my mistress/keyholder exerts her dominance in public. I embrace the opportunity to show her how much I love her through submission.

  2. I certainly appreciate your POV as a dominant woman – offering advice to other women interested in leading their relationships with worthy, deferentially-oriented men. And I have long understood women in charge is the natural order: it’s simply smart. That said, I have come to realize that certain words can be off-putting to women who might ordinarily prefer to be a relationship leader. Surprisingly, one of them is “submissive.” I cannot tell you how many women just have an issue the word as it applies to a man and his status; the other, unfortunately, is “humiliation.” I have long heard strong women say that they may lead their relationship, but they do not want to “humiliate” their partner. It just doesn’t fit their DNA and it is topic and ideology they are uncomfortable with. Even if you say the humiliation is “consensual” I tend to think it is off-putting to a fairly high number of women who might otherwise be comfortable leading their man. Just a thought.

    – john

    1. I fully agree. My wife and I have a quite strong flr and she demands obedience and controls almost every aspect of my life – but she hates the words “slave” and “humiliation” and would never physically punish me (sigh) 😉

  3. I love your blog, and sincerely hope that it encourages young women to consider the possibility and considerable personal advantages of establishing a lasting flr. You have written before about levels of control, and as an addendum to this post I have to say that non consensual humiliation may well have a place for some. I am profoundly excited by the humiliation of my husband, and whilst he dreads humiliation and embarrassment more than physical pain there is also a level at which he craves precisely those feelings. We are complex beings, and must all develop a relationship which satisfies both partners however strange the result may appear to others. Your list of 29 possibilities is a great idea. It makes the point that in fact the possibilities are endless. Thanks for all your hard work.

  4. Public tasks, certainly, with the understanding that if performance is not up to standard, more extreme public humiliation is in store!

  5. Genuinely longing for real loving connection with a dominant female partner I have to admit that my cravings round humiliation may sometimes at least appear to be a so called kink obsession. These fantasies are as old as my memories and are not caused by abuse or anything close to that, so somehow they simply define my masculine sexual nature. Out of the 29 ways you mention ‘Ceremonial Rituals’ is the best way to categorize them. All celebrations of Female Triumph and male defeat make me extremely vulnerable, meek, ashamed, embaressed, intimidated, and…. yesss, I have to admit it….. horny! When I was born almost 65 years ago the world as whole was a partiarchy. During my life girls and women have become empowered and almost every day science proves the superiority of women on again another field that we assumed men were born for to be the champion. In that respect the fantasies from my youth become reality nowadays. These are indeed interesting times to live in as a dominant woman and as a submissive man. Thank you Madam for your support of Female Supremacy. It helps me to be who I have always been.

  6. Hi Cat, I adore your art.
    I am trying to increase the number of FLRs by finding ways to attract vanilla women to the cause. I have been studying this issue for over two decades. I wonder if you would read a recent post of mine, and if you find it aligns with your views, possibly include the label, uxo, and the following definition, in a future work of art. (I consider your comic strip pieces works of art!)

    An uxo can only be totally content if they feel helplessly in the power of a dominant woman with a bit of a mean streak.

    I have listed the post URL as my website address.

  7. Thank you for this article, Ms. Boulder, as well as thanks to Ms. Petty and Ms. Scarlett for their comments.

    Humiliation, especially with verbal reinforcement, can make a lasting shift in the dominant woman’s mindset, recasting how she sees the man as certainly inferior to her, and therefore in his rightful place is as her servant and submissive. It helps them both for her to say:”I see you differently now, and how much less you are than me. You are lucky to serve me.”. Saying it often as the FLR develops helps, too.

    Superiors and inferiors are not peers. Mindset differences are required for an FLR to last.

    Thank you again.

  8. HI I like your blog and I’ve taken some tips off of it as well as identifying some things I already do.

    I don’t purposely look for ways to humiliate my husband but I have at times I guess and I do or say things on purpose sometimes to keep or get him in line or keep him on his toes.
    When truly upset with him I have stated in front of cashiers, wait staff sales people, etc that he needed or was getting a good spanking or a trip over my knee when we get home.
    After seeing your blog I had him tie my shoe for me in public, which I’d left untied on purpose.

    He had a bad habit of interrupting. I’ve scolded him in front of others for this. I also threatened to smack him in the mouth if he did it again, we were with my sister and another time a girlfriend of mine. I said it seriously and he apologized.
    I’ve also told him to not speak unless spoken to.
    I also have firmly told him not to interrupt other men and had him apologize to them right there when he’s done that.
    I’ve threatened with “Do I need to have a serious discussion with you when we get home?”
    “Did you forget what you got last time…..”
    I have him clean up himself when I have my friends over for dinner etc. or serve us coffee/drinks.
    Sent him to do the laundry.
    I’ve had him give me a foot rub in front of others.
    I don’t want to go overboard but I do enjoy it sometimes and I maintain dominance with him.

  9. I think that the ultimate submissive situation for a married man is when his wife entertains another man and orders her huband to serve them a meal or refreshments and has him stand in a corner while his wife and her visitor enjoy what he as served. IF this is successful then she can go one step further and tell her husband that she and her visitor are going to relax in the main bedroom for and hour or so and while they are doing this he is to clear the table, washup and clean the kitchen. Then when he as done that he can wait by the front door ready to help the visitor on with his coat when he is ready to leave

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