Objectification : Ten ways to treat your husband like an object to increase humility and obedience


Today, darlings, let’s talk of the delicious concept of objectifying your man.

Objectification here can be a powerful tool, but like any tool in a dominatrix’s kit, it must be used with a blend of care, consent, and, of course, a dash of daring. It’s about celebrating the male form, not just in its physicality but as a symbol of devotion, a testament to the woman’s allure and power.

Objectification in a FLR isn’t about dehumanizing or degrading our male counterparts. Instead, it’s about redefining their roles to highlight our superiority, increase their humility, and reinforce their obedience. Now, isn’t that a tantalising thought?

The role of objectification lies in its ability to create a stark contrast in power dynamics. By reducing the man to an object of service, pleasure, or even decoration, the woman asserts her authority and dominance.

Think of it as an art form where the male partner becomes a living sculpture, a canvas for the woman’s desires and fantasies. It’s a way for him to express his submission, to revel in being admired, and yes, objectified, under the watchful eye of his confident, commanding partner.

Husband as footstool or human sex toy?

One classic example of objectification is using the submissive man as a piece of furniture. Yes, ladies, who needs a footstool when your obedient man can serve the purpose? The psychological impact of such a role reversal can be profound, instilling humility in the man and emphasising his subservient position.

Another example can be using the submissive man as a ‘human sex toy’, where his function is to provide pleasure at the Dominant woman’s discretion. This reinforces that his role primarily caters to her desires, thereby putting her needs and satisfaction above his own.

But how does objectification aid in humiliation and obedience? First, let’s be clear: the goal of humiliation in a FLR isn’t to degrade or disrespect but to promote humility and submission. By objectifying the man, we strip away his traditional roles and power, leaving him in a position that naturally induces a sense of humility.

Secondly, the use of objectification can act as a powerful reinforcement tool for obedience. By tying the man’s role – and therefore his sense of worth – to his obedience, the woman creates a potent motivation for compliant behavior.


Ten ways to treat your husband like an object to increase humility and obedience

Objectification in a Female-Led Relationship can take on various forms, depending on the couple’s interests, negotiated limits, and the level of their relationship dynamic. Remember, this is art, not science; it’s customizable. But let me lay out some examples to titillate your imagination:

  1. Furniture Play: The submissive serves as a human chair, footrest, or table. Such activities underscore the Dominant’s control and the submissive’s utility. How flattering to have a partner so devoted they’re literally the seat of your comfort! Example: “Darling, my feet are tired. Serve your purpose as my footrest.”
  2. Sensory Deprivation: Blindfolds, hoods, or earplugs limit the submissive’s senses, reducing their world to merely the Dominant’s desires. It heightens their vulnerability while making them ever so malleable, a sensory canvas for the Dominant to paint upon.
  3. Chore Assignment: Not just your garden-variety dusting and sweeping. The submissive might be tasked with specific chores meant solely to please or ease the life of the Dominant, sometimes in a ritually precise manner—like polishing her boots or preparing her bath.
  4. Pet Play: Here, the submissive takes on the role of a pet, stripped of human attributes and expected to behave like an animal. Oh, the charm of having a ‘pet’ who’s utterly devoted to your happiness and well-being!
  5. Uniform and Attire: Dictating what the submissive wears can be another form of objectification. Whether it’s a maid’s outfit or something more revealing, it signifies their role as under the Dominant’s control.
  6. Speech Restrictions: Limiting when and how the submissive may speak, even what they may say, can make them an object to be used rather than a partner in conversation. Silence can be golden when it enhances the gemstone that is the Dominant. Example: “My dear, your sounds distract me. Perform your duties but in silence.”
  7. Human Tray: Holding items such as a drink, book, or remote control while the Dominant enjoys leisure time. You could literally serve as the foundation of her relaxation!
  8. Objectified Worship: Activities where the submissive focuses on praising or worshipping a specific part of the Dominant’s body. This kind of objectification can turn the act of admiration into an almost religious ritual.
  9. Exhibition: Using the submissive as a display item, perhaps bound or posed in a particular way for the Dominant’s visual pleasure or for demonstrating her control to select others, if negotiated.
  10. Human Shield: The wife can command her husband to shield her from the sun or rain, or hold her items, serving as a human shield or holder.Example: “It’s sunny outside, my dear. Make yourself useful and shield me from the sun.”

In conclusion, objectification is a powerful tool in a Dominant woman’s arsenal, capable of adding a new dimension of control, humility, and obedience in a FLR. So ladies, as you manoeuvre through the maze of power dynamics, don’t be afraid to step into the role of the artist and your man, the sculpture, obedient and eager to please.

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Author: Cat Boulder

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  1. C’est le ton qui fait la musique. Your thought provoking philosophy and your attitude around the subject definitely radiate strong Female power and dominance. As always, this touches my submissive male core in a way that takes my breath away. Thank you for your eloquent words Madam. They guide me and confront me with who I really am.

  2. I loved this article so much.
    It made me feel as if I literally have an FLR relationship. I crave that one day comes and my Goddess finds me and accepts my devotion to Her.

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