Ah, Locktober. It’s the season when the leaves change colours and male subs start trembling in delightful anticipation—or should be, if they know what’s good for them.

For those who might be unfamiliar, let me enlighten you. Locktober is a month-long celebration of male chastity, perfect for couples invested in Female-Led Relationships (FLRs). This is a month where the woman truly holds the key—literally—to her partner’s sexual desires and needs. Continue reading “Locktober”

The Fine Art of Having Him Serve and Savouring Your Free Time

In the previous articles in this series, I shared how to micro-manage your husband’s social life and the benefits of managing his time; in this final article of the three-part series, we will delve into the steps required to take over his time and manage your mindset. Continue reading “The Fine Art of Having Him Serve and Savouring Your Free Time”

Money Management in a FLR: Why Women Should Hold the Purse Strings

Well, darlings, it’s high time we address the question lingering in the air for far too long: Who should really be in control of money? And by the end of this exposé, we shall arrive at the inevitable answer – women, of course! Money Management in a FLR is one of the critical elements of a woman’s control – Let’s dive into the fabulous reasons why, shall we? Continue reading “Money Management in a FLR: Why Women Should Hold the Purse Strings”

Dominating your husband’s spare time

In a previous article, we discussed how a woman in a female-led relationship could dominate her husband’s social life; in this article, we will look at his spare time and how to dominate it for the benefit of the couple.

Dominating your husband’s spare time is a great way to set the relationship on the right track and strengthen the bond.

Well, darlings, for those radiant women who stand tall and unapologetic in their supremacy, here’s how you artfully control every precious second of your man’s time within a Female-Led Relationship. Buckle up! Continue reading “Dominating your husband’s spare time”

The three-month FLR chastity training program

This article will show you how to use chastity and teasing to mould the perfect obedient husband.

The art of tease and denial

Ah, tease and denial, those two beautifully interlaced threads in the tapestry of a Female-Led Relationship (FLR). They wind and twist, carving paths of anticipation, pleasure, obedience, and control. But why, pray tell, are they such critical elements of a chastity-based FLR? Let’s pull on these threads and unravel the mystery, shall we?

Continue reading “The three-month FLR chastity training program”

Dominating your husband’s social life

Ladies, it’s 2023, and if you’re not already running the show in your relationship, you’re missing out! Gone are the days when the most significant decision we made was whether to wear heels or flats.

Today, women are conquering the corporate world, leading nations, and deciding whether John’s beer night with the guys is on or off. Welcome to the world of female-led relationships – where the lady is not just in the driver’s seat; she’s also the car’s GPS, mechanic, and sometimes even the road!

But why, oh why, should a modern, empowered woman like yourself care about controlling his social life? Let’s break it down. Continue reading “Dominating your husband’s social life”

Female-Led Relationship Levels

Alright, darlings, get comfortable. Today, we’re stepping into the tantalizing labyrinth of the Female-Led Relationship (FLR) and, more precisely, the delightful degrees of dominance within these relationships. As a fervent supporter of the unassailable prowess of women, allow me to guide you on this exhilarating journey. Strap in, kittens; we’re about to take off! Continue reading “Female-Led Relationship Levels”

Female Domination in the Workplace

Ah, Dear Dommes of the Desk,

Workplace dynamics are indeed a fascinating territory. On the one hand, we’re all about equality, professionalism, and diligence. Yet, there’s this cheeky undercurrent of dominance and submission. But let’s untangle this web, shall we? Continue reading “Female Domination in the Workplace”

Humility in a Female-Led Relationship: Bending the male ego under Female rule

In the captivating dance of a Female-Led Relationship (FLR), where women hold the sceptre of dominance, and men revel in the joy of submission, humility often plays a pivotal role. As a firm advocate of the irresistible charm of female supremacy, I shall delve into the delicate dynamics of how demeaning or humiliating acts, consensual of course, can mould a man’s humility. Continue reading “Humility in a Female-Led Relationship: Bending the male ego under Female rule”