Training your man to articulate his needs in a Female-Led Relationship

Training your man

It’s high time we acknowledged an unsaid truth — women are inherently superior, darling. And men, well, they’re just waiting to be moulded into the most subservient, obedient creatures at our beck and call. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of training your man to ask for permission, raise concerns, and make suggestions — with the perfect blend of respect, submission, and just the right amount of fawning.

When To Ask and What For

A well-trained man in a Female-Led Relationship (FLR) is not only obedient, he’s also intelligent enough to know when to request permission. So, from the late-night beer cravings to the golf hangouts with the boys — he knows to seek approval.

Training Example: “Darling, I believe you have the capacity to comprehend that everything beyond our routine requires my approval. Don’t let your thirst for a beer or a sudden hankering for golf take control, ask and you shall receive.”

Framing His Concerns

Oh, your man has a concern? Worry not, for a trained man in an FLR knows how to express himself without a hint of confrontation. This comes with training him always to bring forth his worries respectfully and humbly, acknowledging your authority, of course.

Training Example: “Sweetheart, remember that your concerns are valid, but only when presented with utmost respect and humility. Say, ‘Goddess, I need your guidance regarding a concern I have’.”

Making Suggestions

He wants to suggest something? Adorable! But remember, his suggestions are just that, suggestions — and the final decision rests with you. Train him to express his ideas with the appropriate level of deference.

Training Example: “Dearest, when a brainwave hits, remember to approach me humbly, say ‘My Lady, I have a humble suggestion for your consideration’.”

The Rituals

Ah, rituals, the little things that add so much spice to an FLR! Training him to kneel while asking permission or discussing concerns can be a delightful addition.

Training Example: “Love, whenever you need my approval or wish to share your concerns, remember to kneel. It’s a small gesture, but it does wonders in reminding you of your place.”

Jotting it Down

In the digital age, let’s not forget the charm of good old pen and paper. Have him maintain a journal of thoughts, questions, and concerns, to be reviewed during your weekly meetings. It ensures you’re not disturbed with trifles during the week and also organises his thoughts.

Training Example: “Darling, let’s bring back the charm of the written word. Maintain a journal of all your concerns, suggestions, and requests, we shall address them during our weekly review.”

The Weekly Review

All this training and rituals lead us to this pivotal part of the week — the weekly review. This dedicated time allows him to present his concerns, requests, and suggestions and discuss the tasks of the following week. It reinforces your role as the leader and allows him to be heard.

Training Example: “Sweetheart, our weekly review will be your platform to bring forth your journal entries. Be prepared, be humble, and above all, be grateful for the opportunity.”

There you have it, my ladies — the blueprint to shape your man into the perfect mix of submissive obedience and charming eagerness. Remember, our objective is to have our men serve us without losing their sense of self or the essence of the love we share. After all, we’re not beasts; we’re superior — and there’s a delightful difference!

Training your man
Training your man

What should he be asking for?

In a Level 3/4 Female-Led Relationship (FLR), you’re not just the ship’s captain; you’re the whole darn navy. Your man isn’t just asking permission for what colour socks to wear. Oh no, he’ll consult you on a spectrum of life’s little and not-so-little matters.

Social Plans: Before he makes plans with his buddies, he’s knocking on your proverbial door, asking if it’s alright. After all, your time is precious, and he knows it. He asks, “Can I go out with the guys on Friday?” You respond, “I have plans for us on Friday, but Thursday is open. You may go out then.”

Spending: Whether it’s a new set of golf clubs or a vintage comic book, he knows better than to whip out that credit card without your say-so. He inquires, “Can I buy a new set of golf clubs?” You assert, “Let’s review our budget this weekend, and then I’ll decide.”

Attire: You’re his fashion icon and personal shopper rolled into one. He seeks your guidance on what to wear for different occasions because he knows you have an impeccable eye. When he hesitates over an outfit, saying, “Should I wear this to the event?” You graciously guide, “No, the blue suit will present you better. Put it on.”

Career Decisions: New job offer? Potential relocation? He’s smart enough to know that consulting the CEO of his life (that’s you!) is the best career move he could ever make. If he comes to you with, “I got a job offer in another city, what should we do?” You calmly lay it out: “That’s intriguing. Give me all the details, and I will consider what’s best for us.”

Health Choices: Skipping the gym to binge-watch a series? Only if you sign off on it, sweetheart. He mutters, “I’m thinking of skipping the gym today.” You answer, “You may rest today, but make sure to double your effort tomorrow.”

Sexual Dynamics: Now, this is where the fun happens. He’ll need your permission for everything from how he may pleasure you to what fantasies can be explored. You’re the director of this steamy movie. Now, for the spicy bit. He timidly asks, “Can we try something new tonight?” Your playful yet firm reply: “You’re reading my mind. I have something special planned. Be prepared.”

Domestic Duties: He doesn’t lift a finger around the house without consulting your domestic blueprint. You run a tight ship, and he sails smoothly under your guidance. He queries, “Do you want me to clean the house today?” You direct, “Yes, focus on the living room and kitchen. I expect it to be spotless.”

Emotional Support: If he’s feeling down or anxious, he’ll seek your wisdom and counsel because, let’s face it, you’re his rock. He expresses, “I’ve had a hard day. Can we talk?” You provide emotional but firm support: “Of course, darling. Make us some tea, and then you can unload.”

Tech and Gadgets: Want to buy the latest smartphone? Not until you’ve weighed in. After all, you might have your eyes on a couples’ tech splurge. He’s eyeing the latest smartphone and asks, “Can I get this new phone?” You state, “Put it on the wishlist, and I’ll evaluate if it’s a necessary upgrade.”

So, ladies, if your man isn’t asking for your divine input on these matters, perhaps it’s time for a little ‘staff retraining,’ don’t you think? *Wink*

The point, my lovelies, is to be direct and unequivocal. You’re steering this ship; make sure he knows he’s sailing in secure waters under a competent and confident captain.

It’s YOUR choice

In your FLR kingdom, it’s you who drafts the constitution, sets the laws, and enforces the rules. Now, I’ve given you a few examples of what your man might ask permission for, but let’s not forget this is your realm. You get to decide what’s on the permission list and what’s not.

So, whether you want him consulting you for every minuscule choice—like what brand of toothpaste to buy—or only for the grand decisions like career moves, that’s entirely up to you. He’s like an actor on your stage, and you’re the director who decides what lines he gets to say and what actions he takes.

The trick? Make sure he’s crystal clear on what you expect. Lay out the rules, and he’ll happily follow. Think of it as creating your own playbook for this game of life, one where you’re not just a player but the star quarterback, coach, and owner of the team.

In summary, you’re in the driver’s seat, ladies, and it’s up to you to map out the journey. Just remember to keep those lines of communication as open as a highway on a sunny day. Go ahead, run your world and let him marvel at the privilege of living in it. Oh, the power of being a woman!

Author: Cat Boulder

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7 thoughts on “Training your man to articulate his needs in a Female-Led Relationship”

  1. I love love love this website. Thank you for writing it. It really helps me to keep a straight line or get some pet on the back or feel confirmation about certain things I run into and don’t always know immediately how to address them. Your examples/suggestions help a lot.

    If I may be honest. About the Domestic blueprint….. I like my boy to be proactive around the house. It’s supposed to make my life easier. If I need to keep micromanaging all obvious routines and chores…. no, Thinking about it already irritates me. So the ‘not lift a finger before I say so’ will only work on things outside our routines. Otherwise. He better have things done without me having to think about it.

    Miss Angelina

  2. My wife and I are new the FLR life-style and your writings are very helpful. We’re in a level 2 right now but my Queen wants to go to a 3-4, I’m so excited. My Queen and I can’t wait to read more of your writings. Thank You.

  3. This is a very lovely read, Your perspective inhabits a space of authority that is delightful. In my experience, though, most of the answers You suggested to proposed queries seemed unlikely, more often She would be just say “No” with no further discussion. As a Female led husband, i am glad to know Her decision either way, there is no disappointment that matters a bit compared to the overarching gratitude i feel to Her for accepting the responsibility of authority in this marriage. She and i didn’t start out on this path but have traveled it since 2000 and it’s obvious Her leadership is the source of my happiness

  4. Clear and useful guidance as always . You make the very valid point that we have complete power to draft the constitution of our relationship. Individuals are complex, and relationships even more so. My experience may be unusual, but I will never know. Ideally, talking things through and reaching an agreement seems much the most intelligent approach. However, I found very early on that tolerating the slightest disobedience was in my case a serious error. I am now utterly unforgiving of any disobedience or minor behavioural error, and administer punishment in every case. To my surprise I find that exercising my dominance is thrilling and I can see that my partner has come to realise that although he fears discipline he has a profound and previously unsuspected need to be dominated. I make no claims to expertise and would certainly never claim to be right. We need to find our own way, and your guidance is an invaluable contribution to understanding FLR. Thanks.

  5. The rule in my marriage is that if I’m not 100% sure I’m allowed to do something, I have to ask my wife for permission. My wife has full control over what I do and decides what is appropriate and what is not. I think it is right because as a woman I can judge much better what is good for me and thanks to this there are no tensions and unnecessary grievances between us.

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