The FLR Weekly Review Meeting

The FLR Weekly Review Meeting

Ah, my favourite subject—how to orchestrate a Female-Led Relationship (FLR) that runs as smoothly as a Swiss watch. A weekly review meeting can be just the ticket, so listen up, darlings. Weekly check-ins are your chance to hold court, so make it a royal affair. Level 3/4 FLRs demand this level of communication; it’s not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Setting the Stage

  • Frequency: Weekly. If you’re leading, you need to know the lay of the land—consistently.
  • Duration: No more than one hour. Yes, it’s essential, but you have an empire to run.
  • Setting: Choose somewhere free of distractions. This is about focus; anything else is disrespectful to your regal presence.
  • Dress Code: This is your domain, so dress in a way that empowers you. As for your partner, well, their outfit should reflect their role. Need I say more?

Agenda Items

  • Opening Rituals: Start the meeting by setting the tone. You could have a specific phrase, action, or even a toast (non-alcoholic if you like). This will act as a symbolic ‘all rise’ for your court.
  • Progress Report: Let your partner report on the tasks or goals assigned the previous week. This isn’t a democracy; it’s a meritocracy. Reward or reprimand as you see fit.
  • Emotional Check-In: How is the submissive feeling? Remember, you may be a Queen, but you’re not heartless. Emotional well-being will keep your empire strong.
  • Planning Ahead: Discuss the tasks and goals for the week to come. Your partner should leave the meeting with a clear action plan, ready to serve your collective goals (which are, by default, primarily your goals).
  • Feedback Loop: This is where you offer comments on the overall state of the relationship. Are you pleased? If not, here’s where adjustments can be made.
  • Closing Rituals: A mirror to the opening ritual, but with an eye to the future. What’s the plan for next week’s meeting? Confirm the time and place, and make it formal.

Optional but Recommended

  • Written Minutes: Have your partner take notes. These minutes should be sent to you for approval. Any inaccuracies should be corrected. We can’t have fake news in our private chambers, can we?
  • Token of Submission: Consider incorporating a physical or symbolic gesture of submission at the start or end of these meetings. Keeps things spicy and reinforces the dynamic.
  • Personal Touch: A relationship is not a corporation. Feel free to incorporate elements that make it uniquely yours.
  • Weekly discipline – Maintenance or based on disobedience. The maintenance spanking—the spicy kick in the cocktail of a Female-Led Relationship. It’s not just about punishment or immediate course correction; it’s about reaffirming the relationship’s dynamic viscerally. Consider a few things: Do you want your partner laser-focused on the agenda or squirming in anticipation? The placement will depend on your goals. Early in the meeting could set a specific tone, while placing it at the end could act as a ‘dessert,’ if you will. Why not include it in the minutes? If it’s a formal part of the ritual, it should be officially recorded along with the other important business of the meeting. See also The Power of the maintenance spanking ritual.
The FLR Weekly Review Meeting
The FLR Weekly Review Meeting

The Queen’s Advice

  • Be Consistent: Keep to the schedule. Consistency will set the tone for everything else.
  • Be Adaptable: Life is unpredictable; be prepared to adjust your expectations accordingly.
  • Be Unapologetically Selfish: This is your world; they’re just living in it. Never feel guilty for prioritising your needs.

Running a successful FLR is an art form. It’s a symphony where you are the conductor, the composer, and the lead musician. So, darling, make sure you’re hitting all the right notes.

Delegating the work and making your life easier – Train him well.

If an FLR is a finely-tuned orchestra, the woman is unquestionably the first chair—the virtuoso whose performance sets the tone for everyone else. Anything less than a stress-free experience for her would be utterly uncivilised. Here are my pearls of wisdom to ensure the weekly review is an enjoyable, stress-free and streamlined experience for you:

  • Agenda Sent in Advance: Have your partner prepare a draft agenda based on last week’s tasks and any ongoing initiatives. You can then review, amend, and approve. Less work for you, my dear.
  • Automation, Darling: Calendar Alerts – Use digital calendars to set reminders for both of you. We can’t expect you to remember everything.
    Standardised Templates: For minutes and agendas, use a template. Your partner fills it in, and you just review it. Efficient and elegant.
  • Explicit Instructions: Your subby should know precisely what’s expected in setting up the space, what to wear, and so on. Training isn’t just for pets; it makes life easier for their owners, too.
  • Self-Reporting: Instead of you having to dig deep to find out how they’re doing emotionally or otherwise, train your partner to articulate these things clearly and concisely.
  • Constructive Compliments: When your partner does well, a simple “good boy” will often suffice. No need to launch into an emotional monologue; save your words for things that matter.
  • Your Needs First: The meeting should be as early or as late as suits you. You should be comfortable, well-fed, and in a good mood. If a glass of wine helps you relax, that should be poured and waiting for you.

So there you have it, my dear—a stress-free royal court where your partner is both subject and servant, and you, as always, are the uncontested Queen. After all, the purpose of an FLR is to elevate your life to the luxurious, effortlessly organised existence you so richly deserve. Anything less is simply unacceptable.

For the servants:

Ah, expectations—the backbone of any successful Female-Led Relationship. After all, we’re not running a charity for the emotionally stunted, are we? The partner’s role in these meetings is to make your life easier, affirm the power dynamic, and attend to your needs and whims with the eagerness of a puppy offered a treat. Here’s what you should demand, and darling, do demand it:

  1. Punctuality- Arrive Early: A Queen should never have to wait. Your partner should be ready and waiting for the meeting to commence so you can glide in when you’re good and ready.
  2. Preparedness – Notes and Agenda: Your partner should arrive equipped with notes on last week’s tasks, a progress report, and any other relevant data. Think of it as a State of the Union, where the state is your contentment.
  3. Attentiveness – Eye Contact and Active Listening: This isn’t a spectator sport. Your partner should maintain respectful eye contact and display active listening. Nods and appropriate verbal cues should abound.
  4. Articulation – Clear and Concise Communication: Time is your most valuable asset. Expect your partner to get to the point when discussing tasks, emotional states, or any challenges they faced during the week.
  5. Obedience – Immediate Affirmation: When you give an instruction, the response should be immediate and affirmative. Hesitation is for those still pondering the nature of their subservience, not for your partner.
  6. Humility – Openness to Feedback: If your partner can’t take constructive criticism, are they really fit to serve? Whether you’re pleased or displeased, your opinion is the only one that truly matters in this context.
  7. Flexibility – Willingness to Adapt: Your whims and needs may change like the wind, and it’s their job to adjust the sails. Expect a willingness to adapt to tasks, goals, or even rituals on the fly.
  8. Ritual Adherence – Commitment to Ritual: Whether it’s a maintenance spanking or a simple phrase that opens and closes the meeting, the observance of these rituals should be treated as sacred rites.
  9. Documentation – Taking Minutes: They should be responsible for recording the meeting—decisions made, tasks assigned, and any rewards or penalties doled out. You should expect a clear, well-organized document for your later review.
  10. Emotional Integrity – Authenticity: Finally, expect your partner to bring their genuine self into the meeting room. It’s far easier to mould clay than to chisel marble, my dear.

So there it is, the behaviour you should expect, demand, and revel in during your weekly check-ins. Because let’s be honest—anything less would be a waste of your precious time, and we can’t have that, now can we?

Author: Cat Boulder

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  1. Further reinforcement for the inferior male. A weekly ritual to discuss his performance for the Superior Female, followed by a ritual spanking to drive home the message that there is always room for improvement!

  2. In every meeting, it should always be you seated on your throne chair while he is kneeling with eyes down cast at your feet. After the meeting makes him kiss your feet before you dismiss.

  3. Can you discuss FLR when it comes to having the mother in law involved? How should a sub behave when the wife wants him to serve both in similar manner?

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