Training your husband to serve in more ways

Training your husband

Ah, what a delight to venture further into this captivating realm! Today’s topic, ladies, is a scintillating one. Training your Husband – How do we, the queens of our domain, discover what pleasures await us in the hands of our loyal subjects, our dear husbands? Fear not, for your favourite female supremacist is here to guide you through this tantalizing exploration with a dash of wit, a sprinkle of sexiness, and a whole dollop of dominance. So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

Step 1: Training your husband – Self-Reflection

Before demanding anything from your dutiful servant, take a moment to self-reflect. What are the areas where you’d like your life to be easier? Could it be a perpetual foot rub while you sip your wine and binge-watch your favourite shows? Or perhaps the luxury of a husband-cooked three-course meal every night? By identifying what pleases you, you’re drafting the map to your treasure chest of pleasures.

Reflect on aspects like:

  • “Do I want him to take over some social responsibilities, like planning parties or handling thank you notes?”
  • “Could he pamper me more, maybe with regular manicures, pedicures, or full-body massages?”
  • “Should he take the lead in planning romantic dates or surprises to keep the spark alive?”

Step 2: Training your husband – Inquisition Time

Now, the real fun begins. It’s time for a frank and open conversation with your husband. This isn’t a simple chat, ladies, but an interrogation under the spotlight of your demanding eyes.
Examples of how to phrase your questions include:

  • “Darling, what other ways can you think of to make my life easier? Remember, ‘I don’t know’ is not an acceptable answer.”
  • “How else can you serve me, my dear? I expect you to come up with some creative ideas. Your purpose, after all, is to cater to my needs and desires.”
  • “I want you to create a weekly plan that ensures my comfort and happiness are at the forefront. Submit it to me for approval by the end of the week.”

Step 3: Training your husband – Delegation and Enforcement

Once you’ve gathered this intel, it’s time to delegate and enforce. Make sure he knows that your satisfaction is his number one priority.

  • “Starting tomorrow, I want a hot bath ready every evening at 8. And don’t forget the lavender-scented bath oils.”
  • “I expect a glass of my favourite wine served at exactly 6 pm daily. Be punctual, darling. You know how much I detest tardiness.”
  • “From now on, I expect you to manage all our social engagements. Make sure everything is to my liking, and don’t forget to keep track of all important dates.”
  • “I’ve noticed you’re quite handy with a nail file. Weekly manicures and pedicure sessions should become part of your duties.”
  • “Darling, I’d like you to plan a surprise date for us every month. I expect nothing less than creativity and thoughtfulness. Show me what you’re capable of.”
Training your husband
Training your husband

In these examples, you’re not merely directing him; you’re nudging his creativity and resourcefulness into gear, compelling him to actively think about how he can enhance your life and happiness. Each interaction is another building block in your radiant reign as queen.

The key to executing this, my lovely ladies, is directness and unapologetic pursuit of your own pleasure. Remember, you’re not asking him; you’re telling him. You are the Queen, and it’s about time he learns to dance to your tunes.

Remember, though, that this remains a consensual arrangement while you’re basking in your new-found glory. Every queen values the well-being of her loyal subjects. Be attentive to his needs and limits while never forgetting that he is there to serve you, and that’s a delight he has willingly signed up for.

So go forth, ladies, and explore how your husband can serve you. The world of female dominance is a lavish banquet, and it’s time you feast!

Training your husband – More ideas:

Housework Ideas

“My dear, it’s time you master the art of laundry. I expect all my clothes washed, ironed, and organized in the closet by category and colour.”
“Starting today, the kitchen is your domain. I want all dishes cleaned immediately after use, and the kitchen should always sparkle.”
“I would like you to deep-clean the house once a week, scrubbing every nook and corner until it gleams.”
“You are now in charge of bathroom cleanliness. I want them sanitized and smelling fresh at all times.”
“Darling, the windows have been looking rather grimy lately. How about you give them a thorough wash?”

Groceries and Life Admin:

“I need you to take full responsibility for grocery shopping. I want you to maintain a running list and ensure we never run out of my favourite items.”
“You will handle all our bills, appointments, and administrative tasks. I shouldn’t have to worry about deadlines or late payments.”
“I want you to become my personal secretary, managing my schedule and ensuring I’m well-prepared for all my meetings and events.”
“My dear, it’s time for you to start preparing my morning coffee. Remember, I like piping hot and just the right amount of milk and sugar.”
“I want you to learn the art of mixology. Surprise me with a unique cocktail every Friday evening.”


“Starting from today, you’re on garbage duty. Make sure all trash cans are emptied every day.”
“I need you to clean my shoes after each use. I want them shining and ready for my next outing.”
“You will hand-wash my delicates every week. Handle them gently and hang them out to dry.”
“I want you to wash my car every weekend and ensure it’s spotless inside and out.”
“You are responsible for all pet-related tasks. Feeding them, taking them for walks, and even cleaning their mess.”

Pampering :

“My darling, I want a foot massage every night before bed. Make sure to use my favourite lotion.”
“I’d like you to prepare a relaxing bath for me once a week, complete with my favourite bath oils, candles, and soothing music.”
“Darling, I’d like you to learn how to give a proper full-body massage. I expect you to practice until you master it.”
“I want you to cater to my every sexual whim. Your pleasure is secondary to mine.”
“You will ensure that I am always satisfied first in every encounter. If not, I expect you to make it up to me in other ways.”

Repetitive Tasks:

“Darling, I want you to kneel and kiss my feet each time I leave or return home. Let’s not forget who’s in charge here.”
“Every evening, I’d like you to kneel and present me with my favourite drink. Make sure it’s served at the perfect temperature.”
“You are to keep the floors spotless. And I don’t just mean using a mop. I want you to get down on your hands and knees and scrub until you can see your reflection.”

Skivvy Tasks:

“I think it’s time you start cleaning the toilets. And no brushes allowed. Gloves, sponge and cleaner – that’s all.”
“I want you to serve as my footrest every evening while I watch my favourite TV show. Make sure to stay still!”
“From now on, you’re in charge of the dishes. And I want each piece hand washed and dried. No dishwashers allowed.”
“I expect you to hand-wash my lingerie every week. I want them cleaned with care and delicacy.”

Author: Cat Boulder

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8 thoughts on “Training your husband to serve in more ways”

  1. Another splendid article, Cat! What a wonderful list of duties for an FLR servant! And of course the Dominant Female can come up with as many more ideas as She wishes!

  2. Excellent training requirements! I wish that I had a wife to serve this way! I would need constant reminding and punishment! What a wonderful way to live!

  3. This like ALL your posts is Fantastic, and so GREAT because it focuses on the female and making her life easier!

    Thank YOU!

  4. Oh I wish I had a wife like that. All females should be worshipped and pampered the husband should serve her in every way possible

  5. This seems almost too good to be true. I am a submissive male that eagerly desires to serve and worship a Dominant Queen. The road to finding Her is long. Along the way I have become discouraged but will not quit until I’m Her’s.

  6. Are there actual Flr. Training seminars? Advisors?

    Virtually all I have seen are really aimed at the male.

    Wife isn’t going to sit and read.

    Are there real resources?

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