Commanding Attention: Techniques to dominate your husband

Commanding Attention

Welcome, dear readers, to a realm where female supremacy reigns supreme and the power dynamics are intoxicating. In a consensual Female Led Relationship (FLR) context, capturing your submissive partner’s attention with commanding gestures and direct phrases is a captivating art form. Allow me to guide you through the realm of dominance, where a simple gesture and a bold phrase can evoke absolute obedience.

Clicking of Fingers

A finger snap’s sharp, distinct sound can be an attention-grabbing gesture, especially when coupled with direct and demanding phrases. Here are a few examples:

1. *Gesture*: Click your fingers in a crisp, deliberate motion.
– *Phrase*: “Focus here. I require your undivided attention.”

2. *Gesture*: Snap your fingers with a sense of authority.
– *Phrase*: “Snap to it. My command awaits your immediate action.”

3. *Gesture*: Click your fingers sharply, capturing their attention.
– *Phrase*: “Snap! Listen closely. This is what I expect from you.”


A pointed finger directs your partner’s attention towards you or a specific task. Combine this gesture with direct and demanding phrases to assert your control:

1. *Gesture*: Extend your arm and point directly at them, indicating they should stop and pay attention.
– *Phrase*: “You. Focus on my words. They demand your full attention.”

2. *Gesture*: Point assertively towards a specific object or task.
– *Phrase*: “This is what needs your immediate attention. Get to it.”

3. *Gesture*: Point with authority, guiding their gaze to meet yours.
– *Phrase*: “Look at me when I’m speaking. Your obedience requires eye contact.”

Dominant Posture for Commanding Attention

Assume a powerful stance to establish your dominance and use direct and demanding phrases to accompany your posture:

1. *Gesture*: Stand tall with your hands on your hips, exuding confidence and authority.
– *Phrase*: “I command your attention. Stand straight and listen carefully.”

2. *Gesture*: Cross your arms, showcasing your unwavering control.
– *Phrase*: “Arms crossed, eyes on me. I expect nothing less than your complete attention.”

3. *Gesture*: Lean forward, invading their personal space while maintaining a commanding presence.
– *Phrase*: “I’m here, inches away from you. Every word I speak holds weight and requires your full focus.”

Commanding Attention
Commanding Attention

Establishing Authority

1. *Eye Contact*: Lock eyes with your partner, capturing their attention and asserting your dominance. Hold their gaze until you have their undivided attention.
– Example: “Look into my eyes. It’s time for you to listen and obey.”

2. *Commanding Tone*: Use a firm, assertive tone conveying your authority. Let the power in your voice make their ears perk up and their focus shift towards you.
– Example: “Stop what you’re doing and give me your full attention.”

3. *Physical Presence*: Use physical proximity to your advantage. Stand tall, exude confidence, and make your presence felt.
– Example: “Come closer. I have an order that requires your immediate attention.”

Direct Communication

1. *Clear and Concise Statements*: Be direct and avoid ambiguity when issuing an order. State your command straightforwardly and concisely.
– Example: “I want you to complete the task I assigned to you immediately.”

2. *Specificity*: Clearly articulate the desired outcome and any specific instructions related to the task.
– Example: “I expect you to have the report on my desk by 4 p.m. today. No exceptions.”

3. *Authoritative Language*: Use assertive language without room for negotiation or delay. Make it clear that your orders are non-negotiable.
– Example: “You will follow my instructions without question or hesitation.”

Non-Verbal Cues

1. *Gestures*: Utilize physical gestures to emphasise your orders. Point, wave, or use hand gestures to command their attention.
– Example: Extend your hand and beckon them closer to signify you have an order to give.

2. *Dominant Posture*: Assume a dominant stance, displaying confident and commanding body language. This will naturally attract their attention.
– Example: Stand tall, shoulders back, and maintain a poised and authoritative posture.

3. *Use of Props*: Incorporate props symbolising your authority or the task. For instance, hold a specific object related to the order to reinforce your command.
– Example: Hold a set of keys to signify their responsibility to complete a particular task.

Remember, dear readers, capturing your submissive partner’s attention involves balancing commanding gestures and direct, demanding phrases. When executed with confidence and purpose, these techniques create an atmosphere of dominance and reinforce the power dynamics within your FLR. So, embrace your authority, master the art of commanding attention, and revel in the following obedience. The journey toward total dominance and utter obedience awaits you!

Submitting to her Dominance

Responding to your dominant partner’s commands and gestures with unwavering obedience is paramount for submissive men. As a submissive man, it is your duty and pleasure to encourage her dominance and demonstrate your commitment to her authority. Let me guide you through embracing obedience and nurturing your submissive nature.

Acknowledging Commands

1. *Immediate Response*: React promptly to your dominant partner’s commands, ensuring they feel your unwavering dedication.
– For example, respond directly and respectfully: “Yes, [Dominant’s Name], I am ready to obey.”

2. *Body Language*: Complement your words with attentive body language, such as standing straight, maintaining eye contact, and using open and welcoming gestures.
– For example, hold your hands clasped behind your back or present them palm-up to demonstrate your readiness to receive her instructions.

3. *Verbal Confirmation*: Repeat her command to ensure clear understanding and affirm your willingness to comply.
– For example, respond with: “Understood, [Dominant’s Name]. I will [repeat the command] immediately.”

Non-Verbal Cues

1. *Gaze and Eye Contact*: Maintain strong eye contact with your dominant partner, conveying respect, attentiveness, and submission.
– For example, hold her gaze with unwavering attention and let your eyes reflect your submission and devotion.

2. *Posture and Body Language*: Adopt a submissive posture, such as kneeling or assuming a position of humility, to reinforce your obedience.
– For example, kneel before her, head bowed, hands resting on your thighs, as a sign of submission and respect.

3. *Physical Touch*: When appropriate and with consent, express your devotion through gentle touches, such as a tender hand on her arm or a respectful kiss on her hand.
– For example, lightly brush your fingertips against her arm or gently kiss her hand to demonstrate your adoration and obedience.

Verbal Affirmations

1. *Acknowledgment*: Verbally acknowledge her dominance and your position as a submissive, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to serve.
– For example, say: “Thank you for guiding me, [Dominant’s Name]. I am honoured to be under your command.”

2. *Respectful Language*: Use respectful and honorific language when addressing your dominant partner to reinforce her authority.
– For example, refer to her as “Mistress,” “Goddess,” or any other title that holds meaning within your dynamic.

3. *Open Communication*: Maintain open lines of communication to understand her desires, expectations, and any adjustments needed to improve your obedience.
– For example, engage in regular discussions about your dynamic, actively seeking feedback and expressing your commitment to fulfilling her wishes.

Remember, dear submissive, your response to your dominant partner’s commands and gestures should showcase your willingness to submit, your dedication to her authority, and your unwavering obedience. Embrace your submissive nature, communicate openly, and savour the profound connection that blossoms from your shared journey of dominance and submission within your FLR.

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