How single men can prepare for a life of Female Leadership

Single men and Dominant Woman

Single men, get yourself ready for service! 

Single men with submissive desires should prepare themselves for a lifetime of service under female leadership.

Consider adding these skills to make yourself more attractive to your future Dominant wife, add any additional skills in the comments:

Husband as beautician:

Learn treatments and pampering: learn how to impress your future partner with a manicures and pedicures, Indian head massage, facials , skincare treatments, study reflexology, learn and practice full body massages. Learn how to care for and style her hair.

Husband as cook:

Be able to cook a variety of dishes. Have several special ones in your repertoire learned by heart, know how to build a healthy and delicious meal plan for the week, know how to shop and keep track of ingredients to support your meal plan.

Husband as housekeeper:

Be an expert at dusting, polishing, vacuuming, mopping and generally making a house looking immaculate at all times. Know how to maintain a household, keep lists to ensure your quality never slips. Know how to wash clothes, dry, fold and iron. Know how to care for feminine clothes, shoes and boots.

Husband as servant:

Be good at managing your time, managing priorities and getting shit done. Learn the qualities of a good personal assistant, learn to listen, take orders and manage yourself and communicate progress. Learn to swallow your male pride, manage your ego and truly accept female leadership.

She’ll be taking over your life when you meet her, don’t let your male ego ruin that.

Learn to meditate. Practice being creative in your service, immerse yourself in feminism and how to make the lives of women easier.

Husband as life partner:

Know yourself. Know your submission. Know your kinks but don’t lead with them. Have an interesting personality with interests and life experiences. Have a circle of friends. Be an interesting person to meet with passion and purpose.

Husband as sex slave:

Stop masturbating. Get used to long term denial.

Consider adding these skills to make yourself more attractive to your future Dominant wife, add any additional skills in the comments.

8 thoughts on “How single men can prepare for a life of Female Leadership”

  1. Hello,
    i always look forward to receiving articles from Female Led. The articles are always provocative and helps me to challenge myself in ways which i can serve Mistress in a greater capacity. Mistress is my Goddess and i must be Obedient at all times. i must admit that i quivered when i saw the stern Mistress and Her whipping cane. It sent chills through my entire body and brought back memories of sessions in which i have been brought to sobs and tears. Obedience is paramount in O/our r/relationship and Discipline is a central focus. i must dedicate my life towards anticipating Mistress’s needs and working towards fulling all of Her desires. Respectfully submitted, subcasey, Obedient collared submissive husband of Mistress Elizabeth

  2. This is good advice in keeping with activities best suited to us submissive males and knowing our place. The beautician aspect of my role as a submissive male is new to me.

  3. Excellent mind influencing and altering post. Thank you.

    For female advantaged lifestyles to properly bloom and flourish, men must diligently practice the art of submission to the female gender. Influence men to believe in female superiority and work to establish an authoritarian Femocracy. Men should gladly inject their minds with powerful addictive desires to live in a world of total female supremacy. Each day is a sacred opportunity for men to increase their desire for female advantage lifestyles. Implant unwavering desires for female supremacy until such desires are irreversible. Let the pleasure of female authoritarianism spread dopamine to every cell in minds and bodies. Build an addiction to female domination and make it rock solid. Extract antiquated notions of male pride. The new pride for men is in being pussy whipped. The more pussy whipped he is, the more proud of himself he should be. And keep pushing and pumping desires for female supremacy into thirsty, hungry, receptive minds.

    Devote yourself to serving womanhood
    Be accommodating to her
    Respect her authority
    Be emotionally supportive
    Be a good friend
    Do all her domestic chores
    Buy her things
    Transfer your wealth into her possession
    Be grateful to serve her
    Serving her is like being in Heaven
    Give to her expecting nothing in return
    Massage and worship her wholeheartedly
    Be devoted to her happiness
    Be meticulously faithful
    Be attentive to her desires
    Let her do what she wants
    Think of her pleasures as sacred
    Let her enjoy other men as she wishes
    Her complete satisfaction is your top priority
    Rejoice in her happiness
    Respect her decisions
    Follow her instructions
    Be amazed at how wonderful she is
    Revere her as a Queen
    Kowtow to her everyday
    Your long term chastity is a blessing for her
    Worship her as a Goddess
    Let her know she is your superior
    Embrace a female advantage lifestyle
    Accept female superiority as reality
    Vow eternal allegiance to enacting female supremacy

  4. “She’ll be taking over your life when you meet her, don’t let your male ego ruin that.”

    The best advice ever. Males must eliminate their egos and crawl before the superior female, living only for her pleasure!

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