Goddess on the prowl: The woman’s guide to FLR dating

FLR Dating: Testing a man's obedience in public

FLR dating guide for women

Well, hello there, you dazzling goddesses of might and majesty. I see you’re raring to go, full of passion, wit, and that sparkling charm that can make men quiver in their boots. Ah yes, we’re diving headfirst into the exhilarating world of female-led relationships (FLR) – where women, quite rightfully, lead the way and men are more than happy to follow.

So you’re looking for a partner who can appreciate and embrace your dominance, a man not threatened by your empowerment but rather magnetically drawn to it? Let’s get this ball rolling!

First thing first, ladies: know your worth. We’re not merely looking for someone who can “handle us”; we’re seeking someone who reveres us. In the world of FLR, you are the sun, the moon, and all the sparkling stars in between. You’re not a challenge to be conquered, but a queen to be adored. So, put on that invisible crown, adjust your sceptre, and let’s go man-hunting, the FLR way.

The Internet

For the modern tech-savvy goddess, the online world is a goldmine for prospecting submissive men. With a variety of dating sites and apps dedicated to the FLR cause, you have a veritable smorgasbord of potential suitors at your fingertips. Make sure your profile oozes your confidence and dominance. Be clear about your needs and expectations. You’d be surprised how many men out there are yearning for a strong woman to guide them.

Social Circles and Networking

Don’t underestimate the power of your existing social network. Many men find the concept of a female-led relationship intriguing but may be too shy to admit it publicly. Hosting an FLR-themed party might provide a comfortable environment for these men to express their interests. A game of ‘Queen for a Night’, anyone?

Special Interest Groups and Clubs

If you’re more of a go-getter, special interest groups or clubs can be an excellent avenue to meet like-minded individuals. BDSM groups, feminist clubs, and even book clubs with an emphasis on female empowerment literature – are all potential hunting grounds for a goddess looking for her loyal knight.

Professional Matchmakers

When all else fails, or if you’re just too busy ruling your empire, professional matchmakers who specialize in FLR can be a godsend. These cupid’s assistants can help you sift through potential suitors, separating the wheat from the chaff.

Remember, goddesses, the search for a submissive man doesn’t have to be a chore. It should be a delightful journey of self-discovery, a celebration of your power and charm. You’re not just searching for a partner; you’re searching for a devotee. In the world of FLR, you’re not just the lead actress; you’re the director, the producer, and the star. So don’t settle for a sidekick when you deserve a squire.

FLR Dating – Dating Profiles

Darling Queens, shall we dive headfirst into the electrifying world of Female-Led Relationship dating profiles? Are you ready to set the stage, let down the curtains and prepare for a performance of a lifetime? Brace yourselves because we’re about to unravel the secrets of the trade.

Creating Your Siren’s Call: An FLR-Seeking Dating Profile:

Flaunting Your Reign: You are the queen of your realm, and it’s time everyone knew it. Showcase your experiences of ruling the roost, from commanding your squad on the soccer field to puppeteering a successful project at the workplace or even orchestrating a scintillating discussion in your book club. Each of these examples serves as a tasteful testament to your leadership prowess. Who said subtlety couldn’t be sexy?

Strutting Your Confidence: Darling, you are a gorgeous, fierce, and unstoppable force of nature. Your photos need to shout that from the rooftops. Use your visual aids to underline your unshakeable confidence, your irresistible self-assuredness, and your unapologetic empowerment. Perhaps a snapshot of you presiding over a meeting or a full-length picture of you standing tall, oozing power in your favourite killer suit. Remember, a confident woman is an aphrodisiac no man can resist.

Crafting your Linguistic Lure: Avoid slapping the uninitiated with explicit references to FLRs – such brashness might intimidate the tender ones or, worse, scare off the potential recruits. Instead, choose words that gently hint at your preference for being the pilot of the relationship. “I’m a woman who thrives when in the driver’s seat,” or “I enjoy holding the reins in a relationship” should do the trick—subtle, suggestive, and oh-so-enticing.

Your dating profile, my queens, is your siren’s call, your lure, your bait. Use it wisely to attract the right kind of man—the one who can appreciate a woman’s strength, wisdom, and power, the one who yearns for the comfort and structure of your guidance.

FLR Dating – conversations during dates

Darlings, let’s glide into the irresistible world of subtlety, the tantalizing dance of words and nuances during dates, keeping the FLR beat without breaking a sweat.

Commanding the FLR Rhythm on Dates:

1. Unveiling Your Leadership Chronicles: Why not captivate your suitor with enchanting tales of when you’ve reigned supreme? Not only does it provide an alluring peek into your leadership skills, but it also opens up a seductive pathway to discussions about your penchant for such dynamics.

2. Desiring a Knight in Shining Armor: Paint the picture of desiring a knight—not to rescue you, darling, but to be your steadfast supporter, your rock, while you steer the ship of the relationship. Who can resist the charm of such a poetic companionship?

3. Probing His Supportive Endeavors: Get him to recount times when he’s shone as a sturdy anchor or a gentle supporter. It subtly indicates your preference for these traits in a partner while giving him the stage for a little while.

4. Conveying Your Vision of a Perfect Love Story: Talk about a romance where both characters play to their strengths, a narrative where you are the fearless leader and strategist while he, the reliable second-in-command, implements your plans to perfection.

Mind you; subtlety is the secret ingredient here. Your aim is not to shine the spotlight on FLRs, but to illuminate the corner of your heart that craves one. You’re not hunting for a submissive; you’re searching for a partner who respects you, loves you, and is naturally compatible with your leadership.

Flirting with subtle language during FLR dates
Flirting with subtle language during FLR dates

Flirting with Subtle Language during FLR Dating:

Now, the craft of subtle language is all about dropping breadcrumbs, not unveiling the entire feast. When you’re toying with the idea of Female-Led Relationships (FLRs), the endgame is to hint at your natural leadership and your craving for a supportive partner. Here are a few ways to do it:

“I often find myself in the driver’s seat, be it orchestrating work projects or plotting an adventurous weekend getaway.” Who could resist the allure of such a statement?

“I’m enchanted by a partner who crafts a haven for my leadership, a sanctuary where I can take decisions fearlessly.” Isn’t it a beautifully subtle hint towards your comfort with leading?

“In the voyage of love, I’m most content when steering the ship, and my partner ensures calm seas and favourable winds.” A metaphorical way to express your leadership comfort.

“In a realm teeming with chiefs, I cherish those brave enough to support and follow.” This portrays your attraction to men who are content in supportive roles.

“My dream partner is someone who stands by me, offering the nurturing support I need to hold the reins.” This softly indicates your preference for playing a leadership role.

Remember, darlings, the goal of subtle language is not to let the FLR cat out of the bag completely. You’re looking to lure a partner who naturally complements your leadership, not to squeeze someone into a role they’re uncomfortable with.

Testing if he is a good fit for a FLR

Ladies, shall we crack open the delectable chestnut of examining our would-be knights, those eager subjects pining to serve their queen? Picture yourself assessing a vintage wine before committing to the bottle – a swirl here, a sniff there, ensuring it is to your exquisite taste. No, we won’t engage in literal swirling or sniffing, but we certainly have our ways of ensuring our submissive is just the right vintage for us:

1. Gauging His Respect: As a queen to her subject, respect is your throne in a female-led relationship. Watch how he behaves, not just towards you but towards others too. Does he envelop you in respect, always valuing your words and your opinions, treating you as his equal (or, ideally, his superior)?

Pay close attention to his social conduct. Is he considerate towards the waitstaff, or does he interrupt others? Delve into his views on gender equality and ensure they align with the respect and reverence women deserve.

2. Checking His Dependability: Will he follow his queen’s commands to the letter? To test, ask him to perform a task for you, be it a simple dinner reservation or a complex event organization. His performance will give you a glimpse of his reliability.

Entrust him with responsibility, such as planning a date night or throwing a surprise party for your mutual friends. Watch if he can carry through without you nudging him.

3. Probing His Open Communication: Transparency and honesty are the golden keys to an FLR. Engage him in deep, meaningful conversations about various topics, including your potential FLR dynamic. Does he respond with openness, honesty, and respect?

Get him to share his feelings about submitting to you. His candidness can give you an insight into how open he is about his emotions.

4. Assessing His Obedience: Test his ability to follow your orders, as simple as being on time for a date or something a bit more complex, like deferring decisions. Remember, this isn’t about treating him like a doormat but gauging his ease with your commands.

In a low-stakes scenario, command him to be at a certain place at a certain time or wear a specific outfit for a casual occasion. Challenge him to defer your decision, like choosing a restaurant or a movie for your movie night.

5. Scrutinizing His Patience: Patience is a virtue, and in an FLR, a submissive must understand that the Domme sets the rhythm.

Make him wait for you, either by being intentionally late for a date or by some other method. Observe his reaction.
Tell him you’re still contemplating the dynamics of your relationship, and watch his reaction to your need for space and time.

6. Evaluating His Selflessness: A good knight always puts his queen’s needs first. Check his readiness to go out of his way to ensure your comfort and happiness.

Ask him to do something entirely for your benefit, like serving you a massage after a tiresome day or cooking your favourite dish. Pose a hypothetical situation where he must choose between your comfort and his. His answer could offer insights into his selflessness.

7. Exploring His Limits: Respect his boundaries, but also discuss them. A submissive must also be willing to respect your boundaries.

Engage him in a conversation about hard and soft limits in the context of a FLR. This might include his comfort level with varying degrees of submission, public demonstrations of the FLR, etc. Ask him about a hypothetical situation that could test his boundaries and see how he communicates his discomfort.

Remember, ladies; these tests aren’t for playing mind games. They are to ensure that your potential submissive matches your unique style of dominance. A harmonious power exchange is like a delicate tango, and it’s paramount that both dancers move in sync. So, choose your partners wisely, my queens. Remember, a kingdom is only as strong as its most devoted servant!

FLR Dating: Testing a man's obedience in public
FLR Dating: Testing a man’s obedience in public

You think you might have a good man; how to really test him?

The Social Server. At a party, casually ask him to fetch you a drink or introduce you to someone you don’t know. If he obliges, your knight is showing promise.

The Adventure Seeker. Propose an unusual activity you enjoy, but he’s never tried before. Will he rise to the occasion? A proposition like, “I’ve been making some amazing breakthroughs in my yoga classes. How about joining me next time?” could be enlightening.

The Sharing Spirit. If you’ve reached a comfortable stage in your relationship, ask him to share chores or tasks with you. A simple request, “Could you clean up after dinner?” might reveal his willingness to serve.

Decision Power. Ask his opinion but make the final decision yourself. If he accepts your lead, he may indeed be your knight.

Remember, all these are scenarios based on respect and consent. It’s paramount to ensure that he’s comfortable with this dynamic. Open discussions about your preferences and expectations are critical.

Are we ready to delve deeper? Let’s push the FLR Dating envelope a bit further:

Comfort Above All. In a group setting, ask him to give up his seat for you or adjust the room temperature for your comfort. If he obliges without hesitation, he is proving to be a gem.

Needs Before Wants. Ask him to stand in line for you at a busy event while you relax. If he willingly accepts, your knight is proving his worth.

The Waiting Game. Ask him to wait patiently while you primp and preen. If he waits without complaining, he’s showing potential.

The Tough Tasker. Offload some unpleasant tasks onto him, like dealing with a troublesome caller or a service issue. If he takes it in his stride, he may indeed be a keeper.

Public Service. Ask him to tie your shoelace or adjust your clothing in public. If he shows no reluctance, he might just be the submissive knight you’re looking for.

FLR Dating: Testing his ability to serve
FLR Dating: Testing his ability to serve

Remember, my queens; all these should be consensual activities. Pay keen attention to his comfort level, and ensure he feels valued and respected. After all, a queen is nothing without her devoted knights.

So there you have it, ladies—the royal roadmap to finding your submissive knight. The dating world may seem like a chess game, but let’s not forget – it’s always the queen who holds the most power. So go forth, my queens, and may you find a knight worthy of your court.

Author: Cat Boulder

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  1. Excellent advice as usual MISS! I’ve done these things my entire adult life! It’s important for young men to learn and put into practice!
    I almost lost her to hotwifing and cuckolding. But we survived. She got dumped and was hurt terribly. I was there to pick up the pieces and put her back together!

  2. Thank you for this thoughtful primer for dominant women! There are sincere and secure submissive men on traditional dating sites, like Bumble, who deeply desire a FLR with a leadership-oriented woman. I am one such man. I have specifically mentioned in my online personal, “FLR”, “uxorious” and “consensual inequality.” I have also mentioned that it is a privilege for a man to be in the company of a woman – and spoken of my deep respect and reverence for women. Some women have picked up on my natural desire to serve and submit – yet unfortunately, most women are not even aware such a relationship dynamic – and one that benefits them – even exists.


  3. A very well written, interesting article! Slowly testing the obedience of Her potential devotee until She is certain he will qualify as a lifetime servant.

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