The Art of Submission: Teaching Your husband rituals

Teaching Your husband rituals

Oh, the thrill of submission, darlings! Welcome back to our sizzling soiree of female supremacy, where we shape the world one knee-bent man at a time. Today, we’re addressing a delightful reader query about making a certain act of obeisance a permanent feature in her divine matriarchy.
A reader says:

“I find it sexy when my husband kneels and kisses my feet when I enter a room; how do I train him to do it all the time without asking?”

Dear reader, I can see why you find your husband’s foot-kissing greeting so appealing. It’s an intoxicating blend of devotion, respect, and just a dash of sexy subservience. Training him to perform this gesture without being prompted? Well, that’s just the cherry on top, and I’m all too eager to help you add that garnish.

Teaching your husband rituals – 5 Steps

Step 1: The Introduction

Start by explaining why you find this act so appealing. Choose a relaxed, intimate moment to tell him, “Darling, you have no idea how powerful and loved I feel when you kneel and kiss my feet as I enter. I would love it if you could do this every time.”

Step 2: The Reinforcement

Each time he does it on his own, shower him with praise and possibly a reward, even if it’s just a smile and a thank you. This positive reinforcement will encourage him to keep doing it.

Step 3: The Gentle Reminder

In the initial phase, he might forget at times. Don’t fret. A gentle reminder like, “Darling, aren’t you forgetting something?” should suffice. Make sure your tone is firm yet playful.

Step 4: The Consequence

If he continues to forget, consider introducing a mild punishment or withholding certain privileges, always in the context of your consensual dynamic. Something like, “If you neglect to show your respect as we’ve agreed, you’ll lose the privilege of our evening cuddle session.”

Teaching Your husband rituals
Teaching Your husband rituals

Step 5: The Habit Formation

It takes time for a behaviour to become a habit, typically a few weeks. Stay patient and consistent in your reminders and reinforcements. He’ll get there!

Remember, darling reader; the goal isn’t just to get your man on his knees but to instil a sense of joy and fulfilment in him as he performs the act. In our delightful dance of female dominance, it’s not just about the moves but the emotion we infuse into them.

So, ladies, lead with confidence and finesse, and you’ll soon have your man performing his dance of devotion flawlessly. As for our dear gentlemen, embrace the steps, feel the rhythm of submission, and let it guide you towards a more satisfying and exciting relationship. It’s time to lace up those dancing shoes, darlings, and let the tantalizing tango of FLR commence! See also – Teaching him to heel.

Author: Cat Boulder

Meet Cat Boulder: a sassy blogger unapologetically championing Female Supremacy with a cheeky grin and a sharp pen. She's not just preaching women's strength and leadership – she's a live wire sparking a gender-role rebellion. For Cat, women are more than leaders; they're queens to be served joyfully by men, weaving bonds of strength and sisterhood in every aspect of life. Through her zesty prose, she empowers women to own their dominance while guiding men to embrace humble servitude with gusto. Forget traditional norms – Cat's writing ignites a feisty journey towards a world where women reign supreme, and relationships bask in a harmonious matriarchy. Follow Cat on Tumblr, X or Instagram

5 thoughts on “The Art of Submission: Teaching Your husband rituals”

  1. I would like to thank you for this series of articles, Ms. Cat Boulder! It is so refreshing to see women come to terms with their innate power and natural authority over men. I am hopeful you will continue to share your unique insights with other women along with devoted sincere and secure submissive men who adore them so we can learn about the power that defines female led relationships.

    I have been writing about the benefits of female first relationships for a number of years and believe there is much more to be said on topics related to women leading men. There are so many cultural and social challenges to overcome, not to speak of the patriarchal rot that infuses our culture and media. Ms. Boulder, you speak truth to feminine power and I am so pleased to have discovered your essays.

    Thank you again.


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