In High Heels and Higher Power: The Art of ‘Heeling’ in a Female-Led Relationship

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Ever wondered how to seamlessly guide your man, asserting your authority without lifting more than an eyebrow? Ladies, allow me to introduce the art of ‘heeling’. This isn’t just for pedigreed poodles in a posh dog park; it’s for your darling men who would love nothing more than to fulfil your every wish, to orbit your radiant presence like eager satellites.

Now, why would a divinely dominant woman use this technique? Why? Because we’re resourceful, darling! We wield power as naturally as we wear our stilettos, and ‘heeling’ is another tool in our glamorous control arsenal. It maintains the harmonious power dynamic while adding a tantalising sprinkle of seduction.

Imagine walking into a room, your man following at slight deference behind, the perfect compliment to your commanding presence. Ladies, it’s not just about commanding respect – though that’s quite the thrill – it’s about orchestrating a ballet, a dance of dominance and submission.

So, how do we train our masculine marionettes in the art of ‘heeling’? The secret sauce, my dears, is in our words, our voice, the commanding timbre that makes them quiver with anticipation. Like a conductor leading an orchestra, we lead them through our commands.

Let’s take a look at an example. Say you’re about to enter a room and want your man to follow. A simple “Heel, darling” should suffice, given in the same tone you’d use to comment on fine wine. A gentle but firm “Remember your place, love” would bring him back to your expected behaviour if he falters.

Heeling in a Female-Led Relationship
Heeling in a Female-Led Relationship

This is an art that rewards dedication. Training him to ‘heel’ is an exercise in patience and consistency. Do not be disheartened if your man doesn’t grasp it at once. When he finally does, reward him with an approving smile, a touch of your hand, or a softly spoken “Good boy”. This isn’t just about reinforcing the behaviour but adding an element of sensuality to your dominance. After all, what is power without a dash of fun?

And remember ladies, our men are not mindless drones but our partners. Open dialogue is essential. Keep communicating about what works and doesn’t, and remain sensitive to their comfort and boundaries. There’s a delicate line between dominance and disregard, one we mustn’t cross.

In the context of a consensual Female Led Relationship (FLR), the posture of the submissive male during ‘heeling’ is typically up to the personal preferences of the individuals involved. While there’s no universal rule, most often, ‘heeling’ refers to a man following his dominant partner while standing or walking. This is mainly because the term ‘heeling’ comes from dog training, where a dog is taught to follow its owner closely while walking or standing.

However, an FLR has room for creativity and personal preferences. If the dominant woman prefers her submissive man to kneel during certain situations, this can be incorporated into the ‘heeling’ ritual. For instance, the submissive man could kneel when the woman stops walking or when they are in a private setting.

In conclusion, ‘heeling’ is a subtle art of dominance. It’s a playful and sexy way for the man to show his admiration, submission, and respect for the woman he adores. A relationship led by a woman is not just a power play; it’s a symphony of mutual respect, devotion, and a shared understanding of boundaries.

And remember, a woman in control is like a woman in high heels. She stands taller, walks with purpose, and leaves a lasting impression. And her man? He knows where to walk – a step behind and in utter admiration.

Author: Cat Boulder

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