Elevating Your FLR to the Next Level: Addressing Fears

A reader writes:

“The articles on why serving gives men purpose, and the levels of FLR were helpful information. My husband and I have been in an FLR level 1 our entire relationship (35 years), but I didn’t know it had a name. I have always had him on an allowance, although he is an executive and leads hundreds of people at work and makes good money. After hearing about clients and our long-time friends’ relationships ending in divorce from adultery or growing apart, I would say I started to move us into more of a level 2 a few years ago. We started introducing chastity as a kink to spice up the bedroom and have been experimenting with longer-term wear. He has always done several of the domestic chores, laundry, cleaning, and half the cooking. As his career winds down, he helped me start my own business during COVID. It is successful enough; I now want him to come work for me. While he is truly willing to serve and let me lead, I struggle to move us to the higher levels of FLR, demanding he wear a device on his sensitive areas most of the time and serve me. It feels like we would be moving out of a partnership to me being a controlling nag at work and at home. Any feedback would be appreciated.”

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