The ritual of oral worship in Female Led Relationships

Many couples in Female Led Relationships enjoy oral worship as a regular ritual to reinforce their dynamic.

Of course, as with all things FLR, it should be based on the woman’s choices and preferences.

Some women don’t enjoy receiving oral sex, and in some cases the desire of the man to worship her exceeds that of the female leader. In such cases oral worship might be used as an occasional reward for good behaviour, or never at all, the woman is in charge and is free to decide.

For women who do enjoy it, it can be a very powerful technique for strengthening her authority, allowing her subordinate to show his devotion, and building an intimate connection. Not to mention her orgasms.

Here are some considerations for maximising your pleasure based on conversations with real dominant women:

Five C’s of oral worship in FLRs

  1. Comfort: your comfort and ability to relax is paramount. Choose positions that enable you to climax and the ignore gymnastic poses portrayed in femdom porn.
  2. Collar – a collar, which could be as significant as a leather dog collar and leash, to as subtle as a thin strand of ribbon, is a symbolic reminder of who is is boss and in control. It can be used as a mental trigger to remind your man its time for worship or total obedience.
  3. Cuffs – if you don’t need his fingers to get you off, lock them away behind his back, a blindfold will also sharpen his senses and help him focus his mind on your pleasure.
  4. Chastity – oral worship could be a foreplay technique, or a ritual on its own with no follow on. Either way, your man must understand that there is zero chance of reciprocation and he must worship for as long as required. It’s common knowledge that a woman is much more likely to orgasm if she feels a) unhurried and b) not obliged to reciprocate. Chastity (locking a man’s parts to prevent erection or release) is a good way to reinforce this dynamic. He gets unlocked only when you are fully satisfied, or perhaps not at all, you are the boss.
  5. Control – men sometimes have the mistaken belief that worship or serving a woman entitles then to something or earns them brownie points. Ignore this juvenile behaviour, a true submissive man knows that serving a dominant woman is a privilege and is delighted to serve for service sake. Instil in your man’s mind that going down on you is a reward and earns him nothing.

Furthermore, you are in control. You determine when worship happens, if at all. A well trained submissive will serve at the crook of your finger, on demand and with gratitude.

Oral worship etiquette tips for men

  1. Worship on command and without hesitation, unreserved obedience allows allow your partner’s dominance to blossom.
  2. Keep going until told to stop – she is much more likely to orgasm if she feels unhurried, she also may want several orgasms. Always assume she wants one more orgasm. The clitoris can be super sensitive after orgasm so plant kisses on her thighs, tummy, anus or wherever she prefers until she is ready for more worship or tells you to stop.
  3. Listen and learn, reams have been written about technique on the internet – the only technique that really matters is to talk to your partner and do as she says.

Please leave a comment with any additional tips for women.